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  • Sans work out partner :(

    Pull ups   3 X failure 2 X negatives  DB Shrugs ( concentrating on retraction)  4 X 10  Lat pull down (triangle bar)   10-10-6-6  Wide bar seated row   10-10-6-6  DB Pull over   4 X 10  Hyperextensions   2 X 15  ...
    by: kolhy on: 2012/11/19
  • started working toward my goal

    im working toward my major weightloss goal now i want to lose about 80 pounds i hope to lose at least 5 pounds a month i have wanted to lose this weight for some time now but have been kinda lazy but im sooooo tired of feeling bad about my body im...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/03/24
  • Day 1

    Today was day one of the beginning workout.  It's also day one of using this website.  I was hoping to find someone in the Jacksonville, Florida area to maybe go for walks with or something (as I could also use some sun), but this site doesn't all...
    by: yokofaitho on: 2013/07/08
  • using the "Skinny Rules"

    Doing the total body routine for the third time today. I can definitely feel it in my butt and thighs.  Working on following the Skinny Rules diet but fell off the wagon at two parties this weekend.  Ate some desserts and pizza but I do feel skinn...
    by: patternista on: 2013/04/29
  • running

    2/2/2014 === Run for 20 minutes-- 2 miles.
    by: hemraj on: 2014/02/02
  • Chest and Tri's

    DB chest press Warm up 2 X 10 Work 10-10-8-8-6,  5 X 10 Incline chest press 5 X 12 Bent arm DB pull over 5 X 12 Superset: Chest fly + push ups 5 X 12 - no rest in between Incline EZ bar tricep extension 3 X 21's 1 arm DB...
    by: kolhy on: 2012/11/12
  • off

    I think it's been 4 or 5 months that I haven't missed a lifting workout. We had the last few brutal days putting the final touches in the garden. I'm very sore. Think I'll rest it until Saturday when I can swim.
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/06/04
  • day one

    So  i'm in the middle of my very first workout, its going good however i think i need someone to help watch Millie and Lucinda while i work out. right now im at a pause till its Lucinda's bed time. my boyfriend has no clue im working out (because ...
    by: -shonda- on: 2012/05/15
  • Time For A Break?

    Start: 7:02am Finish: 8:07am Warm Up: 8:20 - KB and JM TJB: 10 TGU: 16kg four in five minutes Three C&P ladders of three rungs with pullups with the 16kg. Scapular retraction: 3x10 Bat Wings: 3x5 Roller & Stretch: 24:00 Thou...
    by: yadmit on: 2012/05/09
  • 4-13-12

    I was supposed to work out yesterday however that didn't happen. So I worked out today. Which is good. However I didn't feel like working out, but I went anyways. I had my logsheet printed out and I had my printout of the workouts I was supposed t...
    by: gemini52880 on: 2012/04/13
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