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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • Just Gettin Started

    Ok! So I am just starting this. I am going to try this instead of weight loss surgery. I am hoping my husband will do this with me. I need to lose about 90-100lbs. I am the mother of 5 beautiful children and need to get into shape for them and for...
    by: jreynolds38 on: 2012/01/17
  • Here we go!

    This is the first New Year's in 3 years where I'm not prego or trying to get prego. My body has carried and nourished two amazing little boys who I love more than anything. I'm still nursing B, but 2012 is going to be for me! I am going to reclaim...
    by: kjrohl on: 2012/01/01
  • New on here

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jeff. I am new here and looking to gaim muscle mass. Any advice and wanting new friends would be a great motivation for me. Thanks
    by: jeffrih0105 on: 2012/03/18
  • First thoughts!

    Okay so here is the brutal truth about my feelings right now. I am nervous and somewhat doubtful about starting this journey once again. I have been down this road before of trying to get healthy and it never fails that I don't make it out of the...
    by: roxygl3 on: 2015/11/07
  • First day

    Today's the first day of me trying to get into shape, again. I tried two years ago and was actually doing well until I ended up getting sick due to lack of nutrition. So I stopped. When I stopped, I ended up developing a gall bladder problem and g...
    by: CosmicWitch on: 2012/01/03
  • Starting Point

    As of today I weigh 195 lbs. and this is not how I pictured myself two years ago. I went from weighing 140 to 195 in just two years. I've always been self conscience of my body and weight but this has pushed me too far. I am tired of looking in th...
    by: Jwells1231 on: 2014/06/03
  • Week Two Harder Than Week One!

    I have a little girl two years ago and have yet to get my body back. I used to be 135 lbs., but now I can't get below 150. I have changed my diet for over a year now, but I guess it was time to add exercise. Trouble is I work and go to university ...
    by: red_mystic333 on: 2012/01/08
  • New Beginnings

    I used to go out and walk a couple miles or more a day. I was 127 lbs at my lowest weight. Now I sit at home on my laptop or watch television at a staggering 167 lbs (which is still better than the 184 I graduated at, but still...). Part of it is ...
    by: hippie_chick on: 2013/08/08
  • Hello. My name is...

    Currently it is 10:53pm on April 29th, 2012. I just got home from work - my second day in a row of a 10-hour shift. I am exhausted, both mentally and physically. As I am typing this, I am lying in my (extremely comfy) bed. This is the beginning...
    by: on: 2012/04/29

    by: stevendrylie on: 2012/04/13
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