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Reboot: Week 3

Posted on: 2012/08/06, 02:28 AM by: williamhcroom3
6Aug: Back and Arm workout this morning. Back to the grind at work. Have to remember two things; Just because you know something, doesnt mean you need to let everyone else know, and Talking the loudest doesnt mean your right.


  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/08/10
    10Aug: Friday! Got in an "all-a-round" stretch. 1 set per muscle group. Feeling good. The green tea extract has been alright. Need to Read up on a few other products. (*breathe....)
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/08/09
    9AUG: Legs and abs this morning. Feeling ok. One more week left on this "just muscle build" work-out. Hopefully by then the "Monsoon season" we have been having will be over and i can go for a morning walk without the need of an umbrella. Looking forward to the week end.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/08/08
    8Aug: Chest, back, arms, shoulders this morning. Feeling it. Little tired.Wishing the rain would go away for at least the afternoons. (ive got grass to cut). No point or purpose to bragging. Just do your best and others will eventually see.
  • williamhcroom3 williamhcroom3 2012/08/07
    7AUG: Abs and legs this morning. Feeling good. If the rain holds up i can get in a walk later today. If it doesn't, oh well, there's always the stairs.