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  • #7 One day at a time

    Ok-so I am finding that making this a habit is harder than I thought it would be.  Today I did 40 mins cardio then core, biceps, triceps and back.  Oh, and also took my measurements...needless to say taking my measurements sparked a little "feel b...
    by: CRNP on: 2012/02/12
  • Lost some inches...Yay!

    I stumbled upon December 28, 2011. I started doing the at home program that same day. I've been consistant in doing the strength training every other day since that time, in addition to a diet. As of Monday, Jan 2, I've lost half ...
    by: mztaly24 on: 2012/01/05
  • time for a change

    Hello everyone, I am a 22 years old and I and 5'4'' and I currently weigh 178lbs......... It is depressing for me to see myself so young and seeing how out of shape and fat I am. I become motivated every now and then to lose the weight and I mi...
    by: canteram on: 2012/05/27
  • What am I doing to myself?

    I keep saying that I am going to lose this weight. I have all the motivating factors I could possibly have, but my will is weak. I plan high lean protein meals and do not keep junk food in the house. But, I crave carbs all the time. I have not eli...
    by: crushedgoddess on: 2012/01/19
  • trying to relax now

    woke up early & in a bad mood - after laying in bed for 15 minutes I decided to get up, hubby asks what I'm doing then asked to cuddle, I can't go back to sleep so why do I have to lay in bed for 45 more minutes?? I laid there for 15 & just kept g...
    by: Reddy on: 2012/02/02
  • Me & My Will!

    This is it! I'm doing it! I'm 100kgs which is 220lbs! I'm sick, tired & grumpy because my kids think daddy's stomach is a punch bag, cuddly toy and well part of life! Sorry kids, I love you all, but things have got to change. I'm taking t...
    by: ahoythere on: 2012/02/03
  • Day One of new journey.

    Driking coffee for breakfast, then half cinnamon bagel with tbsp of cream cheese. Not looking to change the foods I eat at this time just the amount that I eat. Catering to three other VERY picky people make it hard to eat clean or healthy without...
    by: [Former member] on: 2015/03/20
  • A New Leaf

    Tomorrow is the day I start to do something for myself. No more complaining about my weight or size I'm gonna actually change it and stick with because who else will, you know?
    by: Solarflair17 on: 2015/03/23
  • Gaining weight &Tone Up

    I move around alot at my job..I was thinking what do you all think that could help me gain weight or tone up instead of losing weight because I do a lot of walking around and moving
    by: smartgirl24 on: 2014/02/27
  • First Time

    I am not sure if anyone is reading this, but if you are welcome!  I am trying this website and FLog to hopefully become more motivated and stay on track.  I am not completely sure how to go about this, so I am just going to start my introducing my...
    by: [Former member] on: 2014/10/18
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