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  • The First Day (:

    This is the first day of me trying to exercise (: I have a 3 week old daughter, and 50 - 60 pounds to lose ! My goal of 110-120 pounds will take a while to accomplish, but i know i can do it! I won't ever give up, i want to be healthy not only fo...
    by: april.j.searles on: 2012/01/09
  • First (1/2) day

    So, since I just found this site about 3 hours ago, I don't really have the whole day to log in. And considerin up until dinner I ate complete crap all day. Although it wasn't large in quantity, what I ate was just horrendous. Dinner was delicious...
    by: eahl176 on: 2015/02/24
  • want a big chest

    hello please suggest me the chest exercise schedule... i want a big chest?so please tell me the exercises and schedule of chest in a week?
    by: baban86 on: 2014/02/24
  • Starting out

    I am starting today!!!!!!!!!!!! I am A 6' 2" male  im ready to be fit i am 264 pounds  i will record what i eat almost every week im am so ready to begin
    by: 305280 on: 2012/12/15
  • Leg/core day

    Today I finished the workout in 40 minutes, I used 85 lbs for the initial rep count and then increased to 100lbs, and finished with 115 lbs. I also added step ups (3rd level of the TRX bars) and used an 8lb weight while doing squats. I feel like...
    by: benjaminjhales on: 2018/05/21
  • Day 2: Dancers body 30 day challenge

    Hey all! Todays a new day! Happy to report feeling great after my workout yesterday and feeling highly motivated to get my workout on today! I came across a dancers body challenge yesterday. So I'm going to do the challenge for 30 days. Some peop...
    by: Futuremrssylva on: 2012/08/10
  • It starts...

    Yay ! Today is the day I make difference in how I feel about myself . I'm tired of having to wear spanx anytime I leave my house or have someone over. I want to be able to wear whatever I want, whenever I want. I've decided to start eating a ...
    by: mhap89 on: 2012/04/20
  • Shoulders , Arms, Heavy abs and Low Back

    Several PRs on curls Rotator cuff Dumbbell Front Raises 10x5 lbs  10x10 lbs  10x 15 lbs Dumbbell Lateral Raises 10x5 lbs  10x10 lbs  10x 15 lbs Dumbbell Bent Over Raises   10x5 lbs  10x10 lbs  10x 15 lbs Drop sets: Seated Dumbbel...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/06/18
  • Starting out

    Getting started tomorrow with clean eating, 6 days of fasted cardio, and two weightlifing days a week.  Pumped! Gonna get a bathing suit body!
    by: jopauley on: 2012/04/15
  • 8 days in....

    after only 8 days from starting my workout plan and iv already lost 8lbs just working out at home 4 days a week!! everything else iv tried in the past has failed so to find iv lost 8lbs in 8 days is amazing and such a motivational boost!!  im just...
    by: staceysaxon on: 2012/03/13
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