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  • Awesomeness Discovered!

    Used the my workout logbook for the first time today at the gym from my iPhone. Aside from the awkwardness of using a standard website through my phone web browser, the logbook worked out great. Being able to view exercise example...
    by: MegaQi on: 2012/02/19
  • first step

    Hmm can't wait to start this exercise paln so that i look sexxy in my new prom ready to train hard!!! i also need more execise and trainning because i have got world championships for rowing:D!!!!!
    by: samantha27247 on: 2012/01/28
  • Motivated and loving it!!!

    Well the weekend past along with the SUPER BOWl and I lost 3 lbs. It was a nailbiter for me. Being surrounded by so many foods and smells, i almost did not make it. I still have the 5 day workout program of hiting the major parts of the body and s...
    by: Moonlmc on: 2012/02/07
  • pumped!

    I am beating the DEMON! you know the one who tells you that its just not possible and that im obviously meant to be FAT! I kicked its derriere for 50 mins today!!  30 mins with a 5 min cool down on t.m. 2.0mph but at the "random" setting on level ...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/22
  • 1st Workout!

    This was my first day doing the workout calendar. I think it went great! I decided to go with every day except Sundays and Wednesdays cause that's when I'm at church. Hopefully I can get myself to stick with it! I'm pretty sore already, especially...
    by: alyssaburlew on: 2012/02/25
  • I'm Back!!

    Alright! Back from sunny Florida and back on to some serious training!  Gym night tonight:  Pull ups to failure with no weight added, 7.5 DB, and 10 lbs DB over and over and over and over until I couldn't do one pull up on my own.   T-bar...
    by: kolhy on: 2012/04/24
  • Day 1

    I  have never felt this great in a long time. I am glad i pushed my self to excersise and stay fit and now i'm more motivated then ever!  Can't wait till i look the way i want so excited!
    by: ilovefitness2 on: 2014/02/18
  • Workouts

    So this workout is for people that want to loss weigh and want and get more slim And stay heath. This is going to be 4 month program
    by: Faith..Howard90 on: 2020/08/12
  • Saddest Leg Day of my life.

    5 years ago. i was in my "prime" condition. was on highschool wrestling team. trained with the marines, who used our highschool's weight room as their gym after hours. it felt great. has a beautiful pair of legs. pressing 620lbs at my max. Then de...
    by: Shiboshasu on: 2016/02/12
  • 1st Day 2 A New Me

    Today I started working out again. I tend to go through these phases like most people around the new year then tend to fall off the wagon a couple months in. The last time I was on the wagon I lost 20 lbs and kept that off for about year. That was...
    by: sexymeeko2014 on: 2014/01/07
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