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  • Back to Freetrainers' arms!

    06/25/12 12: 35 PM Philippine TIme I started jogging again last night. There's a city park in a nearby barangay and I went there for a quick jog. It was also my first time to use the new running shoes I bought from Fila last, last month. It wa...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/06/24
  • I'm going to do this!

    Monday- 30 minutes cardio on elliptical, 2 sets of lunges (I did the 3rd set but my form was terrible so it doesn't count), 5 minutes jumping rope (I am trying to get better!), core 3 exercises 3 sets each Tuesday- Biceps 3x3, Triceps 3x3, core...
    by: cnacedo on: 2012/04/25
  • Motivational Friends

    Isn't it bad when you see some1 u'd like 2 have as a motivational partner & they haven't signed in since 2007? I'd like 2 meet (online) some motivated friends who will sign in at least a few times a year, share their diet & exercise ups & downs, f...
    by: luv1butterfly on: 2012/04/01
  • question

    does anyone know if a waist trimmer belt really works?? cause i bought one but i'm afraid it won't work like it says it if anyone has any info about this please comment
    by: blondeiangel on: 2012/02/04
  • Gym Starts today

    Finally started off with the gym. One day late but thats alright, free trainer schedule starts off from tomorrow.
    by: rmehalwal on: 2012/06/05
  • chest , heavy abs and lower back

    Great workout today Rotator Cuff Dumbbell  Flat Bench Fly    15x 80 lbs  12x90 lbs    10x100 lbs Dumbbell Incline Bench Press  12x140 lbs 15x 120 lbs 18x 100 lbs Dumbbell  Flat   Bench  Press    12x140 lbs 16x 120 lbs 19x 100 lbs Du...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/05/03
  • 1st day!

    omg this hurts so much!
    by: rspiller21 on: 2017/09/11
  • First Day

    Hello everyone, My name is Yolanda Wittmus and this is my first day for my work out plan. I just finished my first workout and I can honestly say that I feel amazing. Exhausted but very amazing.  So a little about me. I am a full time student an...
    by: Witty8824 on: 2016/02/10
  • First Day at the Gym

    So I've never been to a gym before and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. It was what I consider fun. I tried a little bit of everything and I didn't feel like I was being judged for not knowing how to use any of the equipment. It was a friendly env...
    by: Oxymorongetfit on: 2016/04/26
  • Expect change: Week 2

    14 May2012, 287lbs: Feeling great. Start of week two.( Lunges still suck ) Start getting the planning together for cardio additions to home work-out. Also start planning the nutrition portion of "Diet & Excercise". Here's to the start of a great w...
    by: williamhcroom3 on: 2012/05/14
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