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  • Workout sampoles

    I just completed a few different cardio workouts to try and sample what I would be most comfortable with. I'm really happy that I lasted! I pushed and it paid off. I just hope this motivation lasts for the next time!
    by: panda_jane on: 2012/06/12
  • Trail Run

    Love this time of year for trail running - the below freezing temperatures keep me from overheating and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.  My little winter wonderland :) Today 15 km trail run through Palgrave forest.  Must remember to bring ...
    by: kolhy on: 2012/01/02
  • New to the game

    I am just starting to workout. I have tried everything else just like everyone here I am sure. Good luck to all who read this blog and good luck to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by: huskiemom5 on: 2012/06/24
  • Can't see my workout schedule for tommorow

    How do I get to see my workout schedule for tommorow? Thank you :)
    by: Fyibreakdance on: 2015/10/05
  • Getting into better shape!

    Day 1 of my personal challenge done! First, let me start off with an introduction. My name is Michelle, I'm 19 years old and I'm a digital artist as well as a videogamer. I spend a lot of my time sitting infront of a computer, which means I ge...
    by: Intimvask on: 2012/05/26
  • Trying!!!

    ok i here is a little history about me... My name is Jessica and i am 18 years old. I spent my whole childhood fat. not obese, overweight but FAT! i always felt horrible about myself. In my lasy year of highschool i was diagnosed with bulimia.. ne...
    by: JessicaLovey412 on: 2012/01/03
  • New to Free Trainers.. Help Needed Please...

    I am now motivated to get myself back in shape and shed all the unwanted pounds after 9 years of being overweight. A little about me: 34 year old Female Had decompression procedure done December 2011 Tibia/FibulaFracture May 2013 Current He...
    by: Labori8 on: 2015/02/23
  • First day... QUESTION

    Started back at the gym today!  Felt great, except I was well aware of how much I had lost over the last few months.  I stopped because?  I don't know... the dark part of the year really gets me down... I was still walking a bit and doing some fre...
    by: ThatsGary on: 2014/01/20
  • First Day

    This evening was my first day with this program, My girls loved working out right along with me, they keep me very motivated especially with helping them understand how to do the excersies as well. Can't wait until Tuesday so we can do our second ...
    by: Jessica2015 on: 2018/07/01

    Today I joined G'DAY ALL! Why? Because I think I need that little bit of extra support to get me through this journey and I didn't want to pay for it in the form of a Personal Trainer. I know I'm a scrooge.  So after 6 years...
    by: LOCOAUSSIE on: 2013/09/03
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