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First Day with a real plan

Posted on: 2018/02/06, 06:15 AM by: speedporter
Yesterday i started with my 12-week mass & strength program.

I am not completely new at the gym and with training so i planned to start with the workout i found here.

Day 1 was legs and i was very comfortable with it because my Leg Strengh is kinda ok.
Every workout routine starts with 10 Minutes of warmup and i dont believe in the stationary bike so i had to run.
I HATE running. Or at least i hate running without an other sport behind it.
All the time i played handball i had no problem with running it was part of the game, but i never had to run 10 minutes without any contact with the ball. 
Now that i am not used to running anymore and didnt run for years i was pretty shocked when i wasnt able to run 10 minutes at 9 km/h easily. I was used to play through both halfs of a handball match not esily but without such a bad condition afterwards.

Ready for lifting. The Program starts with 3 Exercises for Leg Day 1 
Barbell Squads, Leg Presses and Seated Calf Raises

I knew all of these and just started with weights i believed was okay to start with.

Barbell Squads: 20Kg on the light Barbell (i havent asked the weight of it yet)
The 4 Sets with 15, 12, 6, and 5 reps were done and i felt like i will definitly raise the weights next time

Leg Presses: 120Kg not the best i ever did but i thought i have to get back into before going higher.
The 4 Sets with 15, 12, 6, and 5 reps werent that kind of a deal either so i will increase these aswell

Seated Calf Raises: I wasnt able to find this exercise yesterday so i did normal Calf raises on a box

Day 1 was good i liked the Workout and i am not too tired in the end.