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  • It starts...

    Yay ! Today is the day I make difference in how I feel about myself . I'm tired of having to wear spanx anytime I leave my house or have someone over. I want to be able to wear whatever I want, whenever I want. I've decided to start eating a ...
    by: mhap89 on: 2012/04/20
  • NEW TO THIS :)

    I am so happy to have found this site.  I have made it my homepage on my computer and my iPad (haven't checked for an app yet)  and I am about to get started with my first workout.  I don't have many friends where I live, and none that will join t...
    by: on: 2014/02/06
  • Motivated and loving it!!!

    Well the weekend past along with the SUPER BOWl and I lost 3 lbs. It was a nailbiter for me. Being surrounded by so many foods and smells, i almost did not make it. I still have the 5 day workout program of hiting the major parts of the body and s...
    by: Moonlmc on: 2012/02/07
  • just starting

    ''no matter what we do we have to keep on moving and trying''  i am a type of a person that gives up but i am so not going ro give up now thats for sure since i got a planner thing TY!!!! <3  ;)
    by: juk90 on: 2014/09/16
  • Great Start

    this is my first day to the program and I think it's going to go great! I always had a problem at the gym because I never knew what work outs would be good. But now i think it will go great. Also if you guys need motivation check out this blog: ...
    by: Dddayne on: 2012/01/25
  • pumped!

    I am beating the DEMON! you know the one who tells you that its just not possible and that im obviously meant to be FAT! I kicked its derriere for 50 mins today!!  30 mins with a 5 min cool down on t.m. 2.0mph but at the "random" setting on level ...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/22
  • Random thought

    I was just looking up stuff about working out core everyday (like the workout plan on here suggests). It got me thinking about rest days for recently worked out muscle groups. It is kind of silly. I get it, but it's kind of dumb. I mean, workouts ...
    by: cnacedo on: 2012/05/01
  • Lets Get Started

    So getting back in the gym is a little hard and facing the gym instructor is even harder when you have gained 55 pounds of unnecessary flab. Well, time to hit the road running with the work at home routine and then a couple of months later enter t...
    by: digvijayk on: 2012/05/29
  • Smiles.

    Although I have struggled with medical problems I cannot control, working out and doing different types of physical, but fun activities are a must that I should keep up with. I enjoy doing zumba, and just dance three, or wii sports and yoga, canno...
    by: Karen1244 on: 2012/01/03
  • Well Well Well......

    Okay so today I went to the drs office and weighed in at 287 - that's a loss of 6lbs feeling good never felt so damn good!!!!
    by: LadyAries99 on: 2012/05/31
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