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  • The beginning

    Well, saying goes, "Alls well that ends well", but so does, a motivated beginning leads to a motivated result oriented end.
    by: Puja00 on: 2014/10/15
  • Well Well Well......

    Okay so today I went to the drs office and weighed in at 287 - that's a loss of 6lbs feeling good never felt so damn good!!!!
    by: LadyAries99 on: 2012/05/31
  • Lets Get Started

    So getting back in the gym is a little hard and facing the gym instructor is even harder when you have gained 55 pounds of unnecessary flab. Well, time to hit the road running with the work at home routine and then a couple of months later enter t...
    by: digvijayk on: 2012/05/29
  • In the begining

    So I have just realised that I am heavier than I ever was!  Got on the scales and saw that god awful number and cried....and cried....and cried.  I always knew that I was getting bigger.  I just did not realise how big.  I honestly didn't think I ...
    by: anna_megs on: 2012/06/12
  • Day One!

    After never really dieting before... I realised, there is no need for me to be shy to wear a bathing suit, to wear short shorts in summer... Or be scared of mirrors! Sure, I had come to the realisation that I needed help, but how to go about i...
    by: Tasha12 on: 2012/09/10
  • Lists

    LISTS!....i LOVE making lists about everything and anything! Lists about what clothes i want to wear about how many pounds i need to lose, about the summer, things i need to do, foods i need to try! The one list that always pops up though is "C...
    by: Aiswel on: 2012/05/11
  • Feelin' Great!

    I did it! The universe has been cooperative today :) Look. I have work at 9pm; went to the gym at 5pm. As I have achieved the 45-second-max rests on my last circuit training, I observed that I can complete the entire routine - including warm...
    by: kenmarvi on: 2014/10/09
  • Hello, Honeymoon. So Nice to See You Again.

    I'm entering my 3rd week of being "back in the saddle" and I must say I'm impressed with myself.  I've been consistent.  I've been working hard.  And I've been keeping a balance; still living life,  yet being healthy when I can (my ultimate goal)....
    by: JoannaW on: 2012/04/02
  • WOW!

    Finished a full week and had the extra energy to do some major yard work Sunday. I've lost 3 lbs and I feel GREAT! Started week 2 today....keeping this up I'll reach my goal in no time
    by: Nan0127 on: 2012/05/07
  • so very grateful and blessed!

    WOW! today was freaking awesome! did an hour at the gym this am with the honey and just got back doing another hour with my friend lydia :) i couldnt be any more grateful or feel more blessed. GREAT BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO MY HONEY AND ALL MY FRIEND...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/24
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