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  • Me & My Will!

    This is it! I'm doing it! I'm 100kgs which is 220lbs! I'm sick, tired & grumpy because my kids think daddy's stomach is a punch bag, cuddly toy and well part of life! Sorry kids, I love you all, but things have got to change. I'm taking t...
    by: ahoythere on: 2012/02/03
  • Motivation; How to

    I haven’t been at this site very long, but while browsing it I have noticed that a lot of People have trouble with Motivation so I thought I would share how it works and some ideas to help you stay motivated. Motivation is the most important as...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/04/13
  • Bottom

    Today I signed up on this site. Im honestly hoping that this will be a positive start for my reimaged healthy fit life. Ive tried getting back in shape in the past but it was never really motivated. Now im p-mped up and ready to change my self ima...
    by: Vpope04 on: 2013/12/08
  • My workouts

    I will post my workouts here, I am training to compete in a powerlift meet soon!
    by: 7707mutt on: 2012/01/04
  • Motivational Friends

    Isn't it bad when you see some1 u'd like 2 have as a motivational partner & they haven't signed in since 2007? I'd like 2 meet (online) some motivated friends who will sign in at least a few times a year, share their diet & exercise ups & downs, f...
    by: luv1butterfly on: 2012/04/01
  • Tomorrow's a new day!

    Starting my full diet/workout routine tomorrow! Very excited and looking forward to my goals and seeing results!
    by: angel_coleman on: 2012/07/08
  • Trying!!!

    ok i here is a little history about me... My name is Jessica and i am 18 years old. I spent my whole childhood fat. not obese, overweight but FAT! i always felt horrible about myself. In my lasy year of highschool i was diagnosed with bulimia.. ne...
    by: JessicaLovey412 on: 2012/01/03
  • 3 WEEKS

    It has been 3 weeks since i gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Jada (: and i have lost 31 pounds since then also !! im so happy ! this means i have only 30 pounds left to lose.                      #GREAT MOOD !
    by: april.j.searles on: 2012/01/11
  • NEW TO THIS :)

    I am so happy to have found this site.  I have made it my homepage on my computer and my iPad (haven't checked for an app yet)  and I am about to get started with my first workout.  I don't have many friends where I live, and none that will join t...
    by: on: 2014/02/06
  • just starting

    ''no matter what we do we have to keep on moving and trying''  i am a type of a person that gives up but i am so not going ro give up now thats for sure since i got a planner thing TY!!!! <3  ;)
    by: juk90 on: 2014/09/16
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