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  • Post-Workout Day 3

    Well, I did it. I kind of breezed through the beginning, not even resting between sets it was so easy. I was also trying to save a little time and I think I cut off about 10 minutes from the whole workout. I really need to get heavier weights so I...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/05/01
  • Pre-Workout Day 3

    I. Want. My. Bed. Lol...I'm tired and thinking bad words. (It's so bad I almost typed it!) I don't want to be up. I don't want to work out. I don't want to clean the house. I don't want to do laundry. I don't want to do anything but get back in...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/05/01
  • Pre-Workout Day 2

    Not really sure how I feel today. The sunrise was absolutely beautiful. I am so blessed to watch it come up through some undeveloped acreage behind my house every morning. Watching the glowing pinks and golds rising through the trees and glistenin...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/04/27
  • Pre-Workout Day 1

    Ughhhh I am not feeling it today. That lack of motivation is definitely still there. I am on my second cup of coffee and really trying to stay positive. I just hope that I get something out of this workout and it's something worth sticking with. I...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/04/26
  • Introduction

    So, I decided to start working out, again. For some reason I had just stopped and didn't care about ever starting again. It was a pretty scary feeling. I have never felt like this before. I would stray away from my workouts, but I would always mis...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/04/25
  • Jumpstart

    It's been a long time, fighting this autoimmune disease, school, taking care of my daughter and mother- I need to fit in time for myself! I'm tired of being tired!! Lol drained, feeling sick, the migraines. So I figured when I get up I'm going to...
    by: njswat22 on: 2017/04/20
  • Walk

    Taking a long walk its amazing how much a simple mile can make u feel great...
    by: kpenn4321 on: 2017/04/02
  • Help!

    I need some advice on how to stay motivated and keep with my workout plan.
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/02/21
  • Just created Acount

    Hey! So today I created a acount and i'm so exited. I am going into 7th grade next year. I want to get skinny and toned for summer. I wanna look good in my bikini this summer.
    by: IzzyBella on: 2017/01/22
  • Motivation needed.

    I am at the bottom of the barrel. January brings my worst time and my seasonal disorder. I have everything I need to get moving however my couch wins 99% of the time. Anyone else feel this way? With the cold weather I always find an excuse to ...
    by: slecleir on: 2017/01/05
  • My first flog!

    Hey guys ! This is me nivea , trying to lose some fat . After hell lot of sweets and junk today . *sigh*
    by: Nivea1998 on: 2016/12/27
  • DELAYNA in this

    I a 18 years old girl from Oklahoma been fat all life unhappy about it need help
    by: dfz6jx2sm4 on: 2016/11/22
  • Newbie

    So I'm a newbie to this site but not exactly new to the gym scene. I go to my schools workout room every day Monday through Friday. I have for a few weeks. But I don't know what to do in there and feel pathetic so I only use the treadmill. Now I u...
    by: WishToBePretty on: 2016/11/18
  • So Over being sick

    I have gained a lot of weight you due to The Chronic pain of fibromyalgia...I went from losing 92 pounds to gaining it all back I really need help because I feel like I'm dying inside my own body
    by: DiamondSDoll on: 2016/09/30
  • motation look up day

    I have yo yoed my why to 156 lb i can not remember the last time i weighed under 120
    by: demonsfire on: 2016/09/17
  • Im new

    My weight is 80 kg and I need to lose my weight to be fit
    by: Born_darkness on: 2016/09/10
  • Starting Over for the MILLIONTH Time

    So about 6 weeks ago, I started doing a certain 12-week workout program and was not satisfied with the progressive results. The workouts made me feel like I was indeed doing something but what I was seeing in the mirror made me hate myself more an...
    by: MelBelle28 on: 2016/08/30
  • The first step

    Hi! I am Umang. I am 29 years old, weigh 86 kgs and live my days parked in front of the tv or in bed. I have not exercised ever! I feel depressed and trapped. I have been spending the last year ignoring all of this but I think it's time to ta...
    by: Umangsharma on: 2016/07/26
  • I want to look slender, NOT buff

    I've been exercising for over a year. I go the gym atleast 4 times a week and I try not to eat Junk food. Since the beginning, I've lost around 2 stones. But the problem I'm having now is that I'm slighlty buff but not slender. I desperatley want ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2016/07/07
  • Second Day

    I'm not feeling really motivated to go to the gym though I am a bit sore from yesterday's workout. I'm still am going to go to the gym hope things turn around there.
    by: robleo on: 2016/06/14
  • ready to give up

    So i have always been a fit mom, and i always was proud of my body after 4kids. But now with this fitness "thing" beeing a hype ... girls showing half nudes to "show their muscels" i mean its good girls work out or at least try to work out. But al...
    by: [Former member] on: 2016/03/31
  • I SHALL make a change

    Recovering slowly from my recent bike collision, I haven't been able to be very physical so am feeling unfit and unmotivated.  I am going to slowly get back into a routine and feel fit again.
    by: mccorin on: 2016/03/04
  • Nutrition

    Dont know which protien to choose.
    by: JaspreetDhillon on: 2016/02/03
  • What to do...?

    I haven't been able to fully get on track in a long time. I'm back and more determined than ever. I have plateued my weightloss, and I am on a very healthy, mostly raw veggie diet. I really wanted to invest in a home gym, but my husband doesn't...
    by: on: 2016/01/24
  • Before my 1st day

    Now I am 81 kg very lazy and busy I don't know how I will lose weight ? My target seems to be sooo far away . I think I need to control my eating before exercise . I feel heavy :(
    by: mennatelatal on: 2016/01/11
  • New Year,New Me!

    Jan 5,2015 Hi d Well,I did my first workout this year .I intend to build a new body.That is my only goal this year! Stiff and tired and depressed today.But proud that I did my owrkout today. I need to make sure that I eat enough proteina dn ca...
    by: bubblemagic on: 2016/01/05
  • boxing day blues

    Well tfft another xmas over. Tomorroe start healthy. Get up with alex and walk dogs, hinchingbrooke park and figure out a plan thats workable.
    by: ericandbob on: 2015/12/26
  • help

    need upper body tonning,specially back....and stomatch fat burning ....
    by: NEELAMVERMA on: 2015/11/06
  • HELP!!!

    I am new to putting myself first.  I have 2 children I am raising and before the passing of my parents, I was caring for them as well.  I also have a very demanding, stressful job that takes up a lot of my time.  I know I am not the only one with ...
    by: cregan on: 2015/10/27
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