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  • First move

    First day has arrived...My wedding is just round the corner. I am not only excited about it but extremely nervous too. I need to look my best on my wedding day. Staying at home has caused its own troubles, chubby cheeks and double chin is a major ...
    by: farahf on: 2012/03/26
  • Hello, Honeymoon. So Nice to See You Again.

    I'm entering my 3rd week of being "back in the saddle" and I must say I'm impressed with myself.  I've been consistent.  I've been working hard.  And I've been keeping a balance; still living life,  yet being healthy when I can (my ultimate goal)....
    by: JoannaW on: 2012/04/02

    Kind of ironic that now that I am so highly motiviated I have a shoulder injury. The good thing is that although I am unable to chest excercises -- as in free weights. Anyone able to provide input on type of excercises that can help with training ...
    by: tiomatin on: 2012/01/24
  • Thank You!! Thank You!!

    It has been a great weekend so far. Had a great weekend at work and started Monday off with weight lose of 5 pounds. It feel great and help me get closer to the goal I have for the next 4 week and for next year. It hard to explain the feelng and h...
    by: Moonlmc on: 2012/03/06
  • Day one

    This is day one starting a work out boy I didn't know I had so many mussels that haven't been worked out. All in all I am really happy about starting an excersise routine.
    by: Barbarala on: 2012/06/10
  • day 2 on here.. someone friended me already...that feels good!! I ran again today....but 2 days in a row I have gotten a late start due to work, homework,etc and I ran in the noon hot shade on my paths. I need to find a shady path! Without sna...
    by: CKuranda on: 2012/10/05
  • Lets do it

    Can not belive i found this website! This is exactly what i needed. I am still young and i have alot of time to improve my body. I am not just doing this to look better for my girlfriend and family but i am ready to be healthier over all. I play f...
    by: Ashley_jr on: 2014/04/18
  • going great

    I have lost 2 inches of body fat so im great. been working out hard not really changing my diet to much. atleast i am feeling healthy now. almost time for fishing tournaments so hopefully they will go great this year.
    by: stevewit34 on: 2014/05/03
  • Been a while

    I haven't thrown anything at the wall recently, so I figured I'd write a little.  I've been more or less sticking to the diet, and about the same with the weight training.  I've been a little more consistent with cardio...I figure if I slack on we...
    by: heraldstorm on: 2012/02/21
  • Getting Into the Routine

    Last night was such a big accomplishment for me. I was working out for an hour, which is pretty big for me. I'm a lazy kid, you see, so actually putting down the remote, signing off Facebook and working out was awesome! I always thought exercise w...
    by: ConfidenceNeeds on: 2012/01/15
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