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  • First Day

    Today was my first day on this site, I am normally a very active person and very motivated. Came here to get some new exercise ideas. I seem to go hard then platau and go nowhere. Watch this space for my exercise journey.
    by: Fitmumma on: 2012/07/17
  • New goals for a brand new me!!

    Tomorrow I start my routine I set up here. I have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic as of last week, so I'm going to focus on my weight, of which I have already lost 11 lbs (as of yesterday), and building my body back up like it used to be. I'm excit...
    by: 9385prwcbh on: 2021/04/19
  • Fell like dieing

    19/07-72017 Day 2 and first day in the gym with my new exercice routine. My arms feel like jello and i don't know how am i draging my ass to the gym today but i feel good, doing something for myself. Good training everyone, hugs
    by: Knikt on: 2017/07/20
  • Need to lose weight

    I have to lose 50 pounds.  I am hoping that building muscle will help burn fat.
    by: Colenso on: 2016/11/21
  • still at it

    muscles getting bigger and getting stronger still 5 days strength training and 7 days 8 mile bike rides. can't get rid of the man boobs and belly and triceps arm fat fast enough but still going. met a workout buddy at the gym so we motivate eac...
    by: mattaz on: 2016/11/29
  • Starting out

    Starting out today! Got myself this account hoping it can help motivate me and keep me on track to achieve my goals! I'm definitely going to stick to my created workout plan this time #noexcuses and by changing my diet and exercising a whole l...
    by: Blizzy2000 on: 2016/08/18
  • Year of the Monkey!

    This is it!
    by: CeeBee1320 on: 2016/02/22
  • Seems weightloss is all I think about

    I have become a little obsessed with searching the internet on weight loss, meal planning, etc.  I guess that is a good thing, that is how I found  Pinterest, Google have become personal friends of mine in this journey.
    by: mggamiz01 on: 2016/07/26
  • Hey!

    So I'm getting ready to exercise for the first tme in a long time. wish me luck!
    by: [Former member] on: 2016/07/20
  • My first day, hopefully not my last

    Today is my first day working out in a looooooooong time. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a little over 3 weeks ago and I am ready to start saying buh bye to this ugly loose belly. I started off weighing 238lbs when I got pregnant and lost a...
    by: taniagoddard on: 2014/05/30
  • Day 4 (ish)

    Thought I'd forgotten my pushups today but turns out I did them early for tomorrow, oh well, extra exercise can't hurt! Fasted yesterday but pretty sure I went over my 500 calorie limit; stayed over at my boyfriend's and he wasn't going to let me...
    by: [Former member] on: 2013/10/15
  • First Day!

    So today is my first day on my new workout program! I’ve been going to the gym but never had a consistent routine which is what I’ve been wanting. I’m hoping this will help me be more consistent and give me the results I’m looking for!
    by: Maggz95 on: 2019/06/06
  • so far so good

    I started training last week for a half marathon. But i am trying to help motivate my friends aswell because they are doing it with me. i find it easy to push myself as i have always had to, because i used to play football professionally. but when...
    by: hadjiii on: 2012/01/26
  • .

    by: MBeast on: 2015/03/06
  • Beginner

    The very first day I stepped into a professional gym was on the 6th of this month (Aug, 2014). I've always asked myself this question, 'What are you doing besides achieving goals and aiming for a better future?' Well, being fit is a goal too, just...
    by: AydenT28 on: 2014/08/09
  • Trail Start Day

    I have lost weight and gain it back, it is hard to do anything when you are not stable, now that I am stable I plan to get healthy and stay that way . but not today, I am still on vacation and enjoying myself.
    by: L.Law on: 2014/08/14
  • 143 days.

    How's it going, guys? I think eventually I'll get my ass to be consistent in flogs, but for now remembering and posting at all is better than giving up. I've been keeping a food journal on MFP, and resolved myself (again) to pick up where I left ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2014/07/25
  • Hoping everyone had a good 4th

    Hope everyone had a save and happy 4th of july and dint eat to much. Ik I did cuz i spend it with my daughter and we watched fire works on tv
    by: April71612 on: 2014/07/08
  • Alright Me, TIme for Day 1

    Yesterday I made my first FLog/ Blog and it really put me in a positive mind set as to how and what I want to do it. I realized that I am making big changes so everything has to be done new and differently. Even if I am just talking to myself, it ...
    by: jazzminefd on: 2014/05/31
  • Day 5

    After beating myself up last night I decided to kick back into gear, a couple of days break isn't as bad as stopping completely. I started reading Tony Horton's book 'Bring It!', which is actually an entertaining read and really motivating to get ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2013/10/22
  • Hurdles

    On Friday my dr called to see me and delivered some interesting news ... I have a small tumour on my thyroid. The really, really good news is that it is very unlikely that it is cancerous. The unfortunate news is that it will stop me from losing w...
    by: danaburgess on: 2014/02/11
  • Just Starting!!

    I've been in college for two months now and I've lost weight from working out, being super busy and everything. I joined to try and get a balance. I'm hoping to get some motivation to work harder and be the best version of me that there can be! I'...
    by: JustyneHinch on: 2013/10/09
  • Still treading along....get it?

    Hey Nikki, I miss you. You've been doing well. You need to stop with the one cigarette. You are stronger that that. You also need to thank god for all of the support he is providing you. Be blessed not stressed.  First you kicked ass on your...
    by: rj57wdqszc on: 2012/07/09
  • Day 1

    Over this past week, I have had some good experiences and some bad. I went on a race downtown which was really fun and was a big newsflash because I needed to be in better shape to keep up with everyone. Then I started talking to this guy, I thoug...
    by: megs831 on: 2013/03/11
  • The ball is in my court

    My wife brought me a gym membership for christmas. This gym is 24 hours and have childcare so thee should be no excuses about not having time or a sitter while I work out. This is basicaly my 1st gym membership so I am amped, and look forward to t...
    by: [Former member] on: 2013/01/05
  • Skipped Day 23 Workout

    Skipped today's workout due to a very busy day out and about. Will be back tomorrow for Day 24 Workouts.
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/01
  • m'I kcaaaaaab

    I have been off the workout for a few months. My 92 year old mother is moving in with us and we've been renovating during this time. In my advanced state of geezerfication, I just can't work and work out. I built a girl cave and will put photos...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/10/24
  • just a note

    i want to weigh in weekly and i will update pictures monthly .. next weigh in 10/4/12...nezt pic update 10/25/12!  cant wait!
    by: stc7734 on: 2012/09/27
  • Finally!!!!! Back into the gym!

    Finally I got my butt back into the gym!!  It has been a long time coming.  I have had alot of things that have changed in my life recently.  Most of which is a job that is more consistant.  I now work Monday to Friday day shifts and am off by 3:0...
    by: dreptile10 on: 2012/07/11
  • Day one

      Today was my first day of my workout program and even though it was a little tough I feel super awesome!!!  Can't wait till tomorrow.  :)
    by: EmilySpeese on: 2012/07/16
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