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  • My First Day!

    I am so excited to finally find something that will work for me! I plan to go into the U.S. Army once I graduate from high school next year and I hope that this will help me get fit for my future! Very very excited to start!!
    by: laneyjade123 on: 2017/06/30
  • Wow...

    I have at least 100 lbs to lose - just to get to the over weight catagory for my BMI...  I'm tired of being the over filled dough muffin top - it isn't a muffin top - it's a whole frickin bakery...  Not taking it to heart and now - last 6 months -...
    by: Shiloah on: 2017/06/01
  • Here We Go

    I have come to the realization that after 15 years of volleyball it took a toll on my body. After a knee surgey, persistant ankle injuries and back problems, I could not play anymore. As sad as it is to see the thing that took over my life get tak...
    by: heather_33 on: 2016/03/14
  • Today

    So yesterday, was the best of days, according to free trainers, it was a back day. I started this program on Wednesday  but Tuesday  i did biceps and back. Due to that fact, wed morning the muscle that is around my elbow hurt SO bad. Like i couldn...
    by: bryan.r.pate on: 2013/10/25
  • better gay

    I am feeling better today got over the deppression of yesturday. I walked a mile and half and did my at home training. working towards a new me 2 love.
    by: newme2love on: 2013/02/26
  • First Day

    It's your sixteenth birthday! You're going to get ripped soon!! YOu can DO IT!!!
    by: laladoodles on: 2018/11/30
  • Asthma Sucks

    I just got back from my 20 minute jog and my lungs are killing me. Stupid asthma. I just started 3 days ago. I am planning on jogging three days a week ( not one after another except this week it will be 4 days because I jogged yesterday as well w...
    by: Bilbo.Baggins on: 2012/04/11
  • Signed up today...

    Just signed up to this site today, not sure what to expect but feeling optimistic! Signed up to a couple of excerise plans, I'll be trying them out over the next couple of days before commiting to one, I think. First official day is tomorrow (28...
    by: Robynandhyde on: 2014/12/27
  • Confession

    I have to be honest right now because for the past few days I have done nothing but eat junk and not exercise. It's my own fault really! I am cutting my sugar intake altogether, that means chocolate and sugar in tea and coffee. Which I have to adm...
    by: KirstOBrien10 on: 2014/05/13
  • 11/7/13

    Yesterday, I warmed up with Cathe Friedrich's - imax 2, I only did the first 5 intervals. Then I did total body weight training, my own wieght routine and lastly I did the Firms 5 Day abs - Day 5. It was a lot of fun and I felt great after. Gotta ...
    by: bdattel on: 2013/11/07
  • startin back up

    so want to get back in routeen.goals are to increase an almost non existant cardio and my weight training back. i need to lose about 7 lbs. get back definition and musle strength.
    by: wilsonangi on: 2013/12/21
  • Back At It!

    First day of this worlout and I'm feeling good! Loving the start of this healthier life (:
    by: kelseykatheryn_ on: 2013/10/27
  • 10/26/13

    Yesterday, I did my usual total body weight workout but I finally found someone enthusiastic and fun to do it with. She's a very motivated person and this was her first time lifting. She never backed down and she never quit. So we set another work...
    by: bdattel on: 2013/10/26
  • Alright Me, TIme for Day 2

    Well, it is my second day and every thing is going great as far as my exercises and eating habits are going. I decided to update my progress once a week to also help me stay in touch with my own results. So, even if I am just talking to myself, I ...
    by: jazzminefd on: 2014/06/01
  • im back

    I have been away awhile and have not been able to exercise like I need too. I am back at it now and feeling good about my self again. I have been making sure to walk a mile or more each day, and am drinking plenty of water. I have two months to lo...
    by: newme2love on: 2013/05/01
  • Day 30 Workout

    Feeling good today. I've been quite busy today with my father's birthday and Christmas baking. I'll try to make time for at least one exercise but hopefully I do them all. Day 30 Workouts are: * 3 Mile Power Walk w/ Leslie Sansone * 20min. ...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/08
  • started a month ago

    So I wasn't so happy about myself a month ago. I had been really depressed for two months and hadn't done any exercise for 8-10 months. I bought a membership card to the gym. I did add more vegetables to my diet. Now 31 day later I have lost 20 lb...
    by: aanna94321 on: 2012/12/07
  • Day um, three?

    Another day of exercise down my pants!  It is not easy getting up in the morning to run.  Especially sore!  The posted "home workout" on this site is pleasantly surprising.  I didn't feel like I was working all that hard but dang I am sore!  Alrig...
    by: MeganHensley1 on: 2012/07/10
  • Started my journey!

    Well, today I started my diet and exercise journey! I am excited but nervous. Will I fail? Will I give up and quit? I have watched my calories today and feel like I am starving! I think once I go grocery shopping and get some good healthy foods in...
    by: lissa99a on: 2012/07/27
  • Setback

    So, after a setback last October (the 10th to be precise) with a nasty case of Plantar Faciatis, I spent the winter sans running, but continuing with spin classes.  They were great and helped give me the cardio I was seeking, but the light at the ...
    by: Fyrblade on: 2012/04/20
  • Just want to get healthy

    I am 39Yrs old. I recently was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have been on a cpap three months. Reason I found out I gained 100lbs in four months. I am on water pills and am active in my life. Just can't Arden to lose weight. I am so tired of being...
    by: aba61573 on: 2012/06/28
  • Let's Get It Started!!

    It's 11:15, this is my first FLog entry and dang it, I am tired! I want to be like a normal person and go to bed at a normal time!  Tuesday's are my long day (work and class) so I don't get home until late.  I will plug away at my workout that I h...
    by: knuckleheadmom6 on: 2012/04/23
  • Basketball

    Going to start only playing on indoor gyms outside is dangerous
    by: ITGuy on: 2012/06/27
  • Reflection

    The workout went much better today.  Certainly nothing near what I racked out on Monday, but it was certainly a respectable showing.  I find myself in a reflective mood.  I'm nearing the 3 month mark on my program, and while I've plateaued for the...
    by: heraldstorm on: 2012/03/02
  • 1 month in

    So I haven't been on the site much except to reference my workout. In fact just now added friend requests, Sorry everybody. I am noticing fat loss n fluctuations in weight. I am a single mom so I am having alot of trouble with diet part. Any point...
    by: SarahHester on: 2013/10/10
  • Day 1

    Today was Day one of this! I'm hoping to keep going with this. I did find it hard to do the exercises and can tell my body will be feeling pretty tight tomorrow. I'm usually pretty lazy about starting things so I'm happy I actually had the motivat...
    by: davehenry on: 2012/01/08
  • improving everyday

    I MET MY GOAL WEIGHTLOSS FOR THE WEEK! lost 1lb and im soooooo ok with that :0). increased my time on the tm to 45 mins from 30, stoked about that to! i stayed at 2.5 speed and random setting level 2. looking to move to level 3 either tomorrow or ...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/26
  • Day One

    1hr spin class Barbell Squats 15 x 135 12 x 195 6 x 200 5 x 210 Leg Press 15 x 10 12 x 14 6 x 17 5 x 18 Seated Calf Raises 20 x 283 10 x 318 10 x 328 10 x 328 Been awhile since I have done some actual squats, core was stron...
    by: MrPink57 on: 2012/01/04
  • The time is NOW!

    So I just signed up to this wonderful community of trainers and I can't wait to join everyone on the journey of becoming the best me I can be. Today will be my first workout.  I am excited and motivated but also a bit nervous.  I really want to...
    by: ElaineP on: 2013/01/08
  • On my way to feeling and looking better..

    Started my first at home workout and feeiling great ...What a good workout thanks Free Trainers for such a great site!
    by: lolo74 on: 2012/05/22
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