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  • Dear everyone

    All, My wife and I have been working out pretty steadily for about 3 months now and are starting to slack off a little. As you can imagine this is yeilding no results and frustrating us to no end. But today we make a change! We are very excited...
    by: jacobnpaula on: 2013/12/28
  • Starting Out

    So I'm going to the gym with my girlfriend today for the first time in what's been at least 6 months.  I'm 21 years old, 5'7, 180 lbs, and would like to get down to 155 lbs.  I've been an athlete my entire life and know what to do in the gym, but ...
    by: vosstc on: 2012/05/05
  • 1st workout

    I just completed my first workout - it was not easy - between kids coming in and out... and getting frustrated and taking it out on my husband who was trying to help me with my form .. woo .. I'M GLAD THATS OUT OF THE WAY! :0) Now hoping I can get...
    by: mrscspit on: 2012/02/21
  • So this is my starter..

    I  am really interested to find out how this goes. I am  DETERMINED to make this actually happen and I really anticipate it. :) I just hope I've enough time and discipline to follow through.. CAN'T WAIT TO WORK WITH MY FRESHLY TONED PHYSIQUE!!!!...
    by: MsStarsmileZ on: 2012/01/10
  • Here we go again...

    I've used on and off since 2009. I clearly haven't been back in awhile. I like what they've done with the place! This site has seriously upped its game. That's good. Maybe it will help me to stay motivated. Since I got married ...
    by: videojay on: 2012/06/19

    Im new to this site but i am in major need of a lifestyle change. i have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy so cardio exercises are limited to walking or short jogs. i need ideas for good diets as well as some good exercises my goal is to get around 24...
    by: Rev316 on: 2012/02/11
  • lower back fat

    hey there a lot of people have problem with lower back area and mostly the lower back fat can anyone tell what excrisess should i do cause i look ok from front but when a look back at my lower fat its hard i heard a lot people saying you should li...
    by: Alexmanunit on: 2014/12/24
  • healthiest way to lose weight

    i need a good healthy diet food list with amounts and all that good stuff and an excerise log with strict rules...
    by: ahxms09 on: 2012/09/19
  • Day 1 Of my workout

    Today I started day 1 of my workout plan.  My goal to drop my bodyfat down to between 15 and 18 percent and gain some muscle mass.  Current weight - 159.6lbs  Current BF% - 22. Doing a 5 day a week workout (2 Days on 1 Day off Rotation)  I am v...
    by: stephany111881 on: 2012/05/25
  • pigletrules

    Hey guys, I need to start excerciseing for two reasons, one is time and second I just put it off.
    by: missy72173 on: 2012/02/13
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