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First time in the gym workout


One of the biggest obstacles for most first timers to the fitness lifestyle is entering a gym, especially if they are not comfortable in crowds or have a lower self esteem. We understand, everyone has been in that position. Our first time gym workout plan is created specifically for those that want to take that step but are unsure of what to do once they are there. We make it very simple without our introductory workout. We will lead you through each major muscle group and ask you to perform one or two exercises with as many sets. The exercises are commonly machine based so that the movement is very basic and will allow you to experience an exercise for each muscle. We send you in with a plan and you will leave with the basic knowledge of the most common exercises and confidence to return and move forward. This plan is also ideal for those returning from an extended layoff to get their muscles accustomed to resistance training at an introductory rate.

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