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  • Day 2 Strength Training

    Abs sore today, only did one set of assisted leg raises but swapped out other 2 for planks. Also, only 20 mins of cardio (forgot to warm up!)
    by: J_Cat on: 2016/07/28
  • food 7/28

    -1/3 cup quinoa -1 slice TJs turkey -2/3 cup frozen peas (market basket brand) -2 sm tomatoes -cucumber, raw pepper, cauli -1/4 avocado -1 gala apple -1/8 cup feta
    by: J_Cat on: 2016/07/27
  • Day 1 strength training

    15 min. treadmill warm-up Core/abs 15×3 seated incline crunches 15×3 machine crunches: 1 at 30, 40 and 50 15×3 leg raises Shoulders 15x3 seated dumbell presses at 5lbs in each arm 10x1, 10x1, 5x1 seated lateral presses at 5lbs "" 1...
    by: J_Cat on: 2016/07/27
  • back and core day

    Not too strenuous so next week I will up the reps and weights on some excercises.
    by: crowhurst on: 2016/07/26
  • Today's Workout Plan

    3 angles of flexion: stretch, contraction and midrange movements on biceps and triceps. I'll work only my medial delts and lower abs too.
    by: Swolemechanic on: 2016/07/25
  • Agility day

    Ladder doublestep x2 high knees, zig zag, sidestep Ladder single step high knees + 20y sprint x3 Suicide only up not back down 5,10,15,20,25y Side jumps over cone(penny) 3x30s T cones 10, 5,5y sprint, side shuffle, run backwards
    by: kellyadkins on: 2016/07/11
  • New to Exercise, Any Tips?

    Basically I'd like to start losing weight and cut down on some fat. Does anybody have any idea how I can start out without overwhelming myself? Thanks!
    by: SaraEW on: 2016/07/05
  • My Final Begininng

    Okay I have "started" my fitness journey at least five times already this summer. Its time for a change in my life. I know this but for some reason I cant seem to find enough motavation to propel myself into the routine I want. I need this website...
    by: emmaras35 on: 2016/06/23
  • ~6~

    ~Sixth Day~ June, 21 2016 10 Minutes Cardio Full Body
    by: Velour.Vixen on: 2016/06/21
  • ~5~

    ~Fifth Day~ June 20, 2016 10 Minutes Cardio
    by: Velour.Vixen on: 2016/06/20
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