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  • Day 1 of New Life Style

    Alright, so I completed my first workout for day 1.  I did 30 minutes on a Sationary Bike, and not going to lie, I kind of missed it.   Truthfully, it is kind of nice to finally workout.  I just recently had surgery on my lower leg a month ago,...
    by: AdamNox on: 2017/11/13
  • Start Day!

    today was my start day at the new gym. General all round workout Weight: 82.6kg shkembak 99 smcicki 102 cmruchka 34 cm
    by: PetarChaCha on: 2017/11/06
  • 22Oct2017

    triceps very sore Legs leg extensions 3 sets leg presses 3 sets hamstring curls 3 sets calf raises 25 reps 3sets body weight (234Lbs) tredmill 3 mpr 15min 23Oct2017 very very sore triceps and calfs (very difficult to walk) calf raises ...
    by: wossy on: 2017/10/24
  • 16Oct2017

    shoulders machine shoulder press 10 reps 3 sets lateral raises 10 reps 3 sets machine lat raises 10 reps 3 sets cable lat raises 10 reps 3 sets back diverging lat pulldowns 10reps 3 sets 18Oct2017 tread mill spd 2.5mpr for 15 min in...
    by: wossy on: 2017/10/24
  • intro 14Oct2017

    12Oct2017 signed up with LA Fitness met with Personel trainer the 14Oct2017 age 56 height 5" 10.5" weigh 234 Lb with Shorts shirt & sneakers last time serious workout 4 to 5 years ago tested a little endurance on my legs did stepper to ...
    by: wossy on: 2017/10/24
  • Third workout

    Now I realized that my upper body strength is weak af.
    by: NB97 on: 2017/10/18
  • Monday

    Chest  Shoulder Tricep
    by: indraneel on: 2017/09/26
  • First week

    It hurts but it the result of me working out. I have been doing this 3 times now and I am fine with the workout.
    by: EminKid on: 2017/09/24
  • Upper body

    Lat 45 Row 50 Fly 30 Chest press 40
    by: Fuersty on: 2017/09/16
  • Lower body weights

    Leg extensions 30 Ham curls 25 Leg press 100 Calf raise 0
    by: Fuersty on: 2017/09/16
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