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  • First Day

    7/19/17 Went in to get a feel for the place. Stayed for a little while then left. Didn't stay very long. EXERCISES 4 sets of sit ups (15 each) 3 sets of incline bench dumbell flies (20 - 16 - 14) -- only used the 20 pound dumbells. Lat...
    by: majikhan on: 2017/07/19
  • New Strength Training Workout

    One thing I know is that I need strength and flexiility in my life. I havent really worked my muscles like I used to. I am aching and my flexibility is off But i started this training program to increase my  strength, muscle endurance and flexibil...
    by: mrsmiles1120 on: 2017/06/13
  • Chest and Back

    Worked chest and back today. Instead of working barbells was strictly dumbbells for chest (bench and inclined). Pushed 3 set of each 15,12,10 75 pounds respectively. Got to keep pushing next week going to start cardio and getting more strict on my...
    by: JtotheAYtothe83 on: 2017/05/23
  • Past 2 days

    Been doubling up on legs and chest. Just left gym pushing the past few days did legs and biceps today. Good day. Good Friday everyone
    by: JtotheAYtothe83 on: 2017/05/19
  • Legs before work Push-Ups while working

    I had a pretty good workout (all except being able to use the leg press) before work, now while at work I'm doing sets of 10 push-ups. Hopefully i can get through 15 sets tonight. Up-date at end of shift.
    by: JtotheAYtothe83 on: 2017/05/16
  • Day 9

    Wow! 2 hours and 45 minutes later. I did search a couple new exercises, and took my time focusing on form more today. I busted out the one random 35lb dumbell I have and used it for glute bridges. I tried to use if for kettle ball swings but I thi...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/05/10
  • Pre-Workout Day 7

    I am so tired!!! I can't wait to workout though. Kind I froze my butt off and couldn't really sleep all weekend. I should of never went to bed with wet hair while sleeping in the woods. Ughhh... I had a blast though and could have stayed ...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/05/08
  • DAY 3

    Today I did chest I was really feeling the soreness, so I really went light on the weight so I could finish the workout Abs: Incline barbell bench 65lbs Barbell bench 65lbs Dumb-bell flys 20lbs 4 mile bike ride 10min bleachers
    by: Maxwell10 on: 2017/05/05
  • 5/3/2017

    day two of my work out, went pretty well I felt more energized while working out but later felt the drag of being sore. todays workout was back.  abs close grip machine pulldowns 75lbs one arme dumbell row 20lbs barbell shrugs 135 4...
    by: Maxwell10 on: 2017/05/04
  • 5/2/2017

    Today was my first day back at the gym in about 6 months. The last time I worked on consistantly was before Christmas. Now that I am done with my finals and I'm on summer break I'm commiting myself to work out hard. My goal is to lose 15lbs and to...
    by: Maxwell10 on: 2017/05/03
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