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  • Hi

    Hi All! Just joined and can't wait to get stuck in to sharing some ideas and inspiration.  I have started following the Paleo diet and constantly looking for different recipes. Also have tried out a few of my own. Its amazing what you can do with...
    by: AnneAt on: 2015/06/29
  • Kickboxing Kicked Great

    Today  I did Kickboxing with my trainer for 1 hr  I feel grate
    by: LadyNellB on: 2015/05/22
  • So far

    So far gettting back into the swing of things hasn't been bad.  I've got a new motivation and it helps tremendously. Tryng to get back to a weight basis and then improve on it this week.
    by: deemann on: 2015/05/20
  • ugh

    I was going to do 60 squats today but i dont think i can as i am having a hard time with my legs hurting so bad. Going to do the stationary bike though. Maybe later tonight i can do the squats.
    by: onebutterfly on: 2015/04/17
  • squats

    Well yesterday (my first workout day) I not only did 10 minutes on the stationary bike, but I did 50 squats. Now granted they were not all perfect but it was my first attempt to do this. Today I am so sore but I did 55. My legs are killing me but ...
    by: onebutterfly on: 2015/04/16
  • first day of workout

    I guess i will be pedaling on the stationary bike this day. It shows only 10 minutes of workout, i may try to do more than that. I have a heart problem, very minor but causes alot of pain when i walk and try to work out. We will see how this goes.
    by: onebutterfly on: 2015/04/15
  • A New Leaf

    Tomorrow is the day I start to do something for myself. No more complaining about my weight or size I'm gonna actually change it and stick with because who else will, you know?
    by: Solarflair17 on: 2015/03/23
  • none

    warm up cool down stretches done
    by: Mr_Geezer on: 2015/03/21
  • none

    30 minutes on parallelette bars. extra L sit reps ring chin and pull up and neutral grip pull up 3 reps of each 15 second hold at top handstand work
    by: Mr_Geezer on: 2015/03/20
  • Day One of new journey.

    Driking coffee for breakfast, then half cinnamon bagel with tbsp of cream cheese. Not looking to change the foods I eat at this time just the amount that I eat. Catering to three other VERY picky people make it hard to eat clean or healthy without...
    by: [Former member] on: 2015/03/20
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