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  • I am back at it!

    I have been working out, but without any guidance, but it is great to have some structure with clear goals. I expect to be sore in the morning from today's workout, a good sore, but still in pain.  Day 1 of the my reset is done. One step at a time.
    by: Justjoel on: 2018/01/23
  • 14 Jan

    I fucking suck at abs exercises. Still short on reps and sets.
    by: Pingustein on: 2018/01/14
  • beginner Phase

    I am returning to the gym after a long time away. How long should I do the beginner phase? Dave
    by: dplum22 on: 2018/01/08
  • Post workout

    Well 20 mind of cardio with some dumbbells thrown in...... I'm hot and sweaty but feeling OK. Forgot to mention.. I'm 14 stone.... Would like to be 13.7 by end of January will then re_evaluate and see how in shape I am.
    by: ethelred on: 2018/01/03
  • Here goes then

    No real stranger to lifting weight but have never got as much out of it as I wanted to and, in the last 2 years I've really let myself go. I'm 58 years old now so this isn't going to be easy!  I'll post up a photo today on day 1. It won't be pret...
    by: ethelred on: 2018/01/03
  • Christmas Eve run

    Run done.... 5k in 31.41. Felt OK.
    by: ScillyDee on: 2017/12/24
  • Day one

    I did all the thing on the list for day one......I am kind of sore but feel good
    by: Mamato5 on: 2017/12/19
  • Weight 18/12/17

    70 Kg
    by: Cathal97 on: 2017/12/18
  • Day 1

    Just finished day one and pretty sore but let's see what happens. 226.6 lbs today.
    by: Sarahjeanbaby92 on: 2017/12/07
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