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  • Workout #1

    by: BieberAlert94 on: 2016/10/31
  • Day 1

    All body workout. Couldn't quite keep up. Already feeling sore. Need to keep going.
    by: Vivi26 on: 2016/10/18
  • Begin

    I have just joined Free Trainers and I am excited and ready but not too pumped because I know this is going to hurt. I haven't exercised in years, so I know that once I start again, I will be using muscles that haven't been worked out in a long ti...
    by: Desalique on: 2016/10/14
  • October 10th

    First Day! Did all of the workouts on the list :) Sore Legs but lets keep it going!
    by: tyler_espinosa on: 2016/10/10
  • Day 4

    Felt tired today but persevered.  Really need to get more tunes onthe phone!
    by: Joeyteach on: 2016/10/07
  • Day 1

    Joined Gym.  Did about an hour with 25 minute cardio and 35 minute abd and shoulders.
    by: Joeyteach on: 2016/10/03
  • At home workout program

    Full body workout Day 1 completed
    by: simbasmom on: 2016/09/26
  • So yesterday....

    I did work out on Friday, I did a spin class and a weights class, then I showered and went to play with my daughter. The thing I love best about my new schedule is I don't have to work out or feel guilty about not working out on Sat & Sunday becau...
    by: Amypet on: 2016/08/27
  • ready to push further

    274 lbs....5'3 been walking for 3 months and in weights for 2 months.....started at 240lbs gained 35 lbs I muscles.....need to loose some major fat
    by: wolfangel830123 on: 2016/08/24
  • 12:20 a.m.

    Why did I sign up for this? Let's see what today brings
    by: Briana_42 on: 2016/08/15
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