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  • Day 2

    Had to change from intermediate to beginner ☹️ Didn't do any of the stretches. 25 lbs dumbbell shrugs and dumbbell row, 65 lbs curls, 15 lbs dumbbell press and preacher curls, 5 lbs lat raises which kicked my a**, 2 sets of 10 incline crunches an...
    by: GWB on: 2017/08/14
  • Day 1 run

    2.6 mi 24:35
    by: GWB on: 2017/08/13
  • Ugh!

    Today was not easy to get motivated. But I did it. I took my time, focused on the workout and my goal.
    by: JulySquirrel on: 2017/08/08
  • New

    Hi , my name is Richard. My wife and I recently started working out. We joined a local gym. Still trying to find a good workout plan. Going just about every other day or night mainly because of the hours I work. My wife has lower back injuries , s...
    by: Richard3589 on: 2017/08/08
  • Biked

    Biked about 2-3k today
    by: WhiteViper on: 2017/08/03
  • 1ST DAY...

    Getting back into it. Starting off light which is very discouraging. Was lifting so much until shoulder issues and knee issues but slowly i will get it back. I just need to take my time.. It will come easier as days go by, i know this.. just have...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/07/31
  • Ab-workout

    completed a full ab-workout this is the first of many and i hope to complete these ones on the rest days while doing the workouts that are on my calender.
    by: tomnick on: 2017/07/30
  • Day 3

    Today is my day 3! I have worked out for 3 consecutive days, and I've been in ketosis since yesterday morning. I'm on my way to a nice body and a healthier life. I've been pretty proud of myself! Yesterday I was so close to cheating... My ...
    by: KristinWinstead on: 2017/07/22
  • First Day

    7/19/17 Went in to get a feel for the place. Stayed for a little while then left. Didn't stay very long. EXERCISES 4 sets of sit ups (15 each) 3 sets of incline bench dumbell flies (20 - 16 - 14) -- only used the 20 pound dumbells. Lat...
    by: majikhan on: 2017/07/19
  • Back at it.

    So, last year I got into a big weight loss fit, joined Planet Fitness and lost about 20 pounds, but with the hours my work was giving me, I had to stop and just never got back into it. So I finally decided I'm going to start back and do it the rig...
    by: mwill94 on: 2017/07/09
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