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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • first day

    Just finished my first workout now i am going to see if there's enough n the engine to do some cardio, wish me luck!
    by: lisawils on: 2018/05/10
  • And so it starts...

    So for the last few months or so after a rather hard period; which started with the loss of my mother; I have just been sitting on my backside complaining about getting more and more unfit.  So last night I had a moment of clarity...I have to do s...
    by: Chorkzseb on: 2018/05/09
  • Getting Motivated

    so here it goes day 1 and I am so scared , of starting this weight loss journy again . It is hard one specially since I am alone in this besides I did this to myself alone . So I have to put an end to it alone onece again  this time I will strive ...
    by: r8terbabe on: 2018/06/18
  • Day 1

    Current weight = 143lbs I did every excercise on my plan except 1 due to not having the proper equipment. Abs: Curnches 3 reps of 15 Twisting Crunches (Kill me) 3 reps of 15 Leg raises 3 reps of 15 The twisting crunches can die and go ...
    by: cmassie89 on: 2018/04/23
  • Back at it

    Word to the wise...don't get super fit, then quit. Starting over sucks. I'm stoked to get back into lifting and get my muscles back. Day one of 12 weeks of mass complete. I look forward to great results by the end of summer.
    by: Mrs.Jones32214 on: 2018/05/21
  • Losing weight

    Hi, I am 16 and want to lose weight. I have struggled with weight issues since second grade when I got sick. I HATE how I look and have very bad self - esteem issues because of it. I am 5'5 and now 195 as of yesterday. I don't look like it at all ...
    by: bvbgirl4ever16 on: 2018/08/11
  • tips

    any tips for staying determined plz comment
    by: pipcool on: 2018/05/13
  • First Day

    This evening was my first day with this program, My girls loved working out right along with me, they keep me very motivated especially with helping them understand how to do the excersies as well. Can't wait until Tuesday so we can do our second ...
    by: Jessica2015 on: 2018/07/01
  • 8-24-18

    First day!  Completed my workout. I am grateful I found this site.  It is perfect for someone who needs direction and instructions on how to complete exercises.  I love the pictures for reference.  My goal with starting this fitness plan is to str...
    by: JBerndt on: 2018/08/24
  • Life Style Change

    Monday which is Oct. 29th. I will begin my ' Life Style Change '🍎 * Stop smoking! * Start exercising regularly, build a routine. * Schedule workouts & meals. * Vlog weekly. * Crush my GOALS! 😎 * Meditate on prayer daily. * Read my Bible ...
    by: Cris76 on: 2018/10/23
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