Signs of Overtraining

Greetings to all FT Members! This week we will be covering the issue of overtraining. It is quite clear that training can only contribute to success if overtraining is avoided. We often hear about the 'no pain - no gain' issue, however this is a common cause for overtraining. There are three main factors to overtraining:

  • Too much training volume
  • Too much training frequency
  • Too much training intensity

You must keep in mind that recovery of the muscles trained should be your number one priority! Here are some warning signs that you are reaching the point of overtraining or are already there. If these signs are evident, slow down to avoid serious drawbacks.

  • Exercise poundage's are the same for some time
  • Increased exhaustion following workouts
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Less enthusiasm for your training
  • Sickness is regular
  • Less exercise endurance
  • Less Appetite