Fitness Basics

So you have decided that you wish to take up exercising. This may be in the form of weight lifting, aerobics, fitness are all! Congratulations! You have taken the most important first step in towards the new you. Now the plan is to stick with it! There are many different reasons why people choose to incorporate physical fitness into their lives; whether it is simply to lose weight, gain size or to generally increase their well being. Whatever the multitude of reasons.. yours is equally as important as any.

It must be a 100% individual effort and commitment thing however. You shouldn't put your body through stress for someone else. Once you truly believe that you are doing it for yourself, then you will feel motivated and the results will sweep you off your feet! Therefore, once again dedication and commitment are key variables for the duration of your goals and successes.

There are basically two aspects of physical fitness which will allow you to attain your goals. These are exercise and nutrition. Both parts work together and suffer if not combined correctly. In other words, your training will be put to waste if you are not eating accordingly and likewise for your nutrition if you are not giving it your all at the gym. Therefore, a complete and balanced exercise regimen consist of the two to form a whole.

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