Body Types 101

Your body type affects your fitness routine. Once you have identified your body type you can exercise more efficiently and effectively. Take a look at the descriptions below to see where you fit in. Then start getting more out of your fitness routine than ever before.


The ectomorph is characterized by long arms and legs and a short upper body. They also have long and thin muscles. Ectomorphs usually have a very low fat storage; therefore they are usually referred to as skinny. An example would be a basketball player.

The fact remains that ectomorphs have the most difficulty putting on muscle mass, therefore, that should be one of the main goals for this individual. The ectomorph should; use heavy sets and use low repetitions. One should also rest and eat plenty during the day, with an increase in total caloric intake. Ectomorphs can get away with eating fats since their fast metabolism burn it rapidly. It is important that you minimize or stop other aerobic activities such as running and or other sports. Doing so will save your calories for crucial building of muscle tissue.


The mesomorph is characterized by a good rate of muscle growth. They have large bones, solid torso combined with low fat levels. It is also noted that they have wide shoulders with a narrow waist. An example is an Olympic gymnast.

The composition of the mesomorph provides the foundations for the best bodybuilding physique or individual seeking improvements in their physique. By keeping their fat levels down and their rate of muscle growth high, they are the ideal physique. Therefore, they will find it simple to build muscle, therefore they should take advantage of this trait and aim for a balanced physique. Mesomorphs should train with basic exercises and continue a balanced meal program. Outside aerobic activity should be kept at average.


The endomorph is characterized by an increased amount of fat storage, due to having a large amount of fat cells than the average person. They have a wide waist and a large bone structure. An example is a power weight lifter.

The training regimen is quite different from the previous two body types. The rep range for exercises should be kept high and training should be quick. The idea is to get rid of calories, which is what is difficult for endomorphs to do. Therefore, additional aerobic activity is recommended. Diet wise, once again a low calorie diet is a must.

The Role of Genetics on your Body Type

The role of genetics is key in determining what your potential in any exercise program may be. No matter what you have heard or what you may think, you cannot change your genetics, you're stuck with what you were born with. This may be good or perhaps bad for some. The only way to determine what your potential is by observing your progress in the gym in the first year of exercise. Your increase in size, strength are all factors to be considered. Please keep in mind that you may and most likely will have muscle groups which develop at faster rates compared to others. This is normal. The thing to remember when dealing with muscles which grow faster than others is to train those lagging muscle groups first in your training; this is referred to as priority training.

You must decide for yourself what goals you set and strive towards. Perhaps you may have it harder to make gains, however if you are willing to take the long dedicated road.. by all means get at it! The key aspect to remember is that training is a very serious commitment to yourself and your body. No one ever has gains overnight, but with hard work and dedication, everyone can reach their goals.