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Hyperextended Knee

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2003/09/10, 03:58 AM
My family has a history of having long ligaments and I believe I keep hyperextending my knee when I play soccer. So no my knee feels kind of loose when I run,cut,kick. I have had MRIs and there is no tears or anything, so the docs couldn't do anything. I'm on liquid glucosamine now, but I've only had it for a few weeks and haven't played soccer in a while so I don't know about its benifits yet. Does anybody have any ideas on how to "tighten" my knee again?
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2003/09/10, 11:27 AM
How do you train your quads? Traing quads with balanced emphasis on inner and outer quad development should at least fortify the knee, and good hamstring development needs to be addressed also.
Have you been checked for shallow grooves, where your kneecap will slip side to side, is that the problem?
You don't have your profile filed out, are you female or male?
Have you tried wrapping yopur knees for lateral support?

Try doing squats while ho;ding a ball (soccer ball is fine) in between your thighs above the knee. this will activate your VMO, which is usually not as developed as your outer quad and front quads, it will also bring your inner thigh into play. Both your VMO and inner thigh muscle will help keep your knee on track, balancing out the pull from your outer thigh.
One legged partial ROM squats also help develop the VMO.
Good luck!
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2003/10/17, 05:38 PM
I agree with asimmer, exactly.

And I'll just add a warning...whether it's from long ligaments or just accident, hyperextension of your knee will eventually result in a "crushing tear" of the medial meniscus or lateral meniscus, or both, which are basically at the front of your knee, between the joint, and are responsible for keeping the bones separated and slippery (Femur gliding nicely over fibia and tibula).

Also the lateral collateral and medial collateral ligaments, on the outside and inside of your knee, respectively, are prone to tear.

I've had a 3/4 inch section of the mm taken out of r. knee already. Muchos painos on some days.

Good luck.

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2004/01/31, 09:53 PM
BTAZ " I believe I keep hyperextending my knee when I play soccer"

you would know if you were hyperextending it, especially your knee.

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