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College student studying industrial engineering, specifically biomechanics and ergonomics. I have been learning everything I can about athletic performance enhancement over the past 6 years. Have attended seminars all over the country, researched, and experimented.
I'm a competitive strength athete that competes in strongman, powerlifting, olympic lifting, and highland heavy athletics.

ISSA, AMFPT, NASM Certified personal trainer.

Goals and motivation

2009 Goals:
400lb IPF Legal Squat
550lb DL
270lb Log Press
Win Platinum Level Strongman Show

Fit wall

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  • anton37 anton37 2007/07/28
    lol a strongman at 148 lbs? thats a first try eating somehting and gaining some mass
  • Ravenbeauty Ravenbeauty 2007/05/23
    Steve...I am going to learn the Farmer's Walk! HA!!!
  • Zackariah1 Zackariah1 2007/05/15
    hey man, you seem very knowledgeable about size/strength topics. I have noticed while looking up these topics. I was wondering if you have some answers to my questions. I posted my questions on the size/strength wall. If you would check that out and give me some feed back i would appreciate it a lot. thanks man.
  • paddyshano paddyshano 2007/02/09
    hay man just looking for some tips on geting a sox pack going could u give us a few tips ive been tryin for about a yea but cant seem to get rid off the six pack off beer help!!!
  • frnchfry81 frnchfry81 2007/01/26
    Hey Wrestler love the advice man. Harsh yes But true. Keep doing your thing!!!!!!
  • Banksy89 Banksy89 2007/01/14
    keep doing you thing man. <BR> <BR>-B
  • BIGKATT BIGKATT 2007/01/10
    Wish you the best with your fitness and educational goals.
  • [Former member] 2006/11/25
    Thanks for your help - good luck with your upcoming competition.
  • KC_72 KC_72 2006/11/16
    wow wrestler....you're only 20???Very impressive...I always read your posts...I may not understand alot of them at first...but they are always interesting! <BR>:).....KC
  • goalie35 goalie35 2006/10/23
    hey. can you help me out? you seem crazy educated about training etc. please! i'm going insane... e-mail me if you can chelsea-lalonde@hotmail.com <BR>i'm really looking foward to hearing from you. =]
  • Big-E Big-E 2006/09/15
    Thanks for all of the info and advice Wrestler - you are one of the key people here that makes this a such great place for all of us! Everyone - listen to this dude, he knows of what he speaks. ;)
  • tyrel tyrel 2006/07/24
    Relax it was a joke... and remember ... its not the triumph, but the struggle. Not that we conquered, but that we fought well. Also I will keep workin on those ribs, they are coming along nicely.
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2006/07/21
    But still going lose to mutt! LOL
  • yadmit yadmit 2006/07/02
    Thanks for the insights and help, wrestler... kinda help me change things up a bit with a slightly different focus.. <BR> <BR>t
  • gatormade gatormade 2006/04/23
    When are you coming for a training session?
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