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6'5, 190, always battling myself on whether or not to add mass or keep my sixpack revealed....hmmmm.

Goals and motivation

When I started working out 3 summers ago, I never thought I'd get to where I am. I wish I could make others stick with it. It takes persistence.

I remember sitting in a chiropractor's office one day. I saw, "Body for Life," sitting there. Over my next few visits, I read that book while I waited. The author, at one point, said something like, "I looked at my overweight self in the mirror that morning and decided, 'I'm going to the gym and I'm going to get in shape, or I'm going to die trying--either would be better than this.'"

I promptly carried my 252 lb., Ben & Jerry's eatin self right on over to the local gym, and I haven't stopped since.

Update: I took a two-year break, but I'm back.

Fit wall

  • Reddy Reddy 2004/12/29
    Oh, my grandmother quit smoking after she turned 86 started at age 12 - so it can be done (two weeks in a hospital helped alot) if you really want too. But that is the big key - you have to really want too usually the only people that do it have some type of medical problem or have a baby that they don't want to smoke around - good luck if you ever do decide (someone said sipping water all day helped alot) <BR> <BR>Thank you for the compliment
  • Zackariah Zackariah 2004/10/21
    wow man good job on all of your acheevements i really have respect for people whoare disiplined. oh and by the way, i love me some chocolate too!
  • Ogun Ogun 2004/04/19
    I just think you're pretty, Reddy...just wanted to see how long you could hold out on the curiosity!! :D
  • Awildcat112 Awildcat112 2004/03/23
    just saying Hi, and I like your quote, "we all die, right? It's about living with intensity" thats cool
  • Reddy Reddy 2004/03/13
    OK who do you think I look like?? <BR>sounds like you stay busy - good luck
  • Datdanigirl Datdanigirl 2004/03/08
    Amen to that Ogun!!!
  • Ogun Ogun 2004/02/10
    Thanks manual and Awildcat; we all die, right? It's about living with intensity ;)
  • Manual Manual 2004/02/10
    Good luck on your goals i hope you reach them and dont give up.
  • Awildcat112 Awildcat112 2004/02/09
    thanks for the post man, and now that you mentioned it I think you are right about bigchuck and dhurt being the same person.
  • Awildcat112 Awildcat112 2004/02/08
    Good luck, I hope that you reach all your goals. If you keep on working at it and I think you will get there.
  • mzright72 mzright72 2004/01/21
    thank you............ 4 years.. and i may be able to help the spine.. keep up the good work.. and train hard!! <BR>Amanda
  • Tilly1981 Tilly1981 2003/08/08
    wow, you replied to uh, yourself...lol....i am my biggest fan as well!!wooHoo!! go us!lmao
  • Ogun Ogun 2003/05/19
    I'm your biggest fan :D