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Rest Days and workout schedule?

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2005/02/07, 10:08 PM
How many days should I workout in a week? Also when someone says a rest day are they talking about a day where I do not do cardio or weight training or a rest day for a certain muscle group (say not working out legs much)? I just seem to be having a problem setting up a schedule that will help me get into better shape that goes with my school workout. What I am doing now is:

Monday - Weight Training (bench and incline + auxiliaries)
w/ abs
Tuesday - Weight Training (Squat and Powerclean +
Wednesday - HIIT (Jogging 30 sec, sprinting 30, etc. until
4 minutes and every week adding a 30 second jog
and a 30 second sprint) w/ abs
Thursday -
2005/02/07, 10:12 PM
Accidently hit enter when I changed my title. Sorry wish they had an edit button but oh well will continue here.

Thursday - Weight Training (Like monday with different
Friday - Weight Training (Like Tuesday with different
auxiliaries) w/ abs
Saturday - HIIT
Sunday - Rest Day

Can someone tell me if that is too much, too little, just right, or what. If it is good I will do it and if not could you suggest what I should do to change it? Just to let you know the weight training is what the coaches have set up for me and it is what I have to do unless I do weight training on my own which might lead to overtraining. So please leave a suggestions. I sure could use it. Thanks.
2005/02/07, 11:04 PM
I train 3 days a week. Most people train 3 to 4 days a week. I train every muscle once a week except abs I hit them up twice. Whatever fits your schedule. You could try a FreeTrainers work out. Training hard is good, along with eating right and plenty of rest. Your muscles grow when they are resting so don't over train.

My workour schedule right now
Mon. Chest/Biceps/abs
Tue. rest
Wen. Legs/Shoulders
Thu. rest
Fri. Back/Triceps/abs
Sat. Rest
Sun. Rest

When I do Cardio I do it on my rest days.
2005/02/08, 04:27 AM
good advise jac48

sign up for a FT programme
it will give you the split, sets, reps the whole lot

JAC that looks like my previoys split.
2005/02/08, 08:29 PM
I know about the FT programs and all and I was doing that until I started having to workout for football. That's the real problem I have. I know it is best to split the body parts up like shoulders one day and chest on a different so you don't over work the muscle groups. But with the team football workout I don't have that option unless I want to come home and do another workout after my full workout at school. So I have to make a schedule around what I am doing there. Basically we work upper body on Mondays and Thursdays (bench, incline, bent over rows, high pulls, bicep curls, and tricep curls... I think might have gotten some mixed up).. On Tuesdays and Fridays we work lower body (squat, powerclean, calf raises, leg curls, leg extensions, other leg workouts). And on Wednesdays we rest and clean up the weight room.

I know that probably isn't the best workout I could get but it is required of me to do while I am on the team. I am just wanting to know if that will suffice and if the HIIT will burn the fat I need to lose? Keep in mind that workout I have to do.
2005/02/08, 08:30 PM
Hopetobefit = Emotions_1988..=P
2005/06/30, 10:05 AM
Greetings,I would just like to ask how many days would I be resting after a 4 days workout a week? how many hours? thank you very much.:)
2006/08/14, 09:02 PM
i young and want a 6 pack in like 4 months is that possilbe?
please contact me
2006/08/15, 12:13 AM
Depends on how young, and what country you are in. Is your birthday in 4 months?
In Ireland it may be possible, but since comeing to the states I have found it difficult to get a six pack.

Iron and chalk.
2006/08/16, 10:44 AM
Why? Because there is less exercise and worse food here in the states? Anyway, I train five days a week:
Monday: Weightlifting
Tuesday: Cardio--eliptical HIIT
Wednesday: Weightlifint/swimming/joggin
Thursday: Cardio--eliptical HIIT
Friday: Weightlifting/swimming/joggin
Weekend: Horsebackriding!!

Is this too much? Every three weeks I'm gonna take a week off just to rest my body. iS that a good idea or bad? I just don't want to over exhaust my body in the beginning...anyway...
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