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  • holy moly

    Holy moly todays wotrkout really made me sweat. I feel so good after working out wish i would have found this place sooner. Now maybe i will workout alittle more everyday.
    by: fitnessmomma on: 2017/04/23
  • App

    We need an app to use this daily!!!
    by: lewysprince on: 2017/04/23
  • Day 3

    So today was back,and I need to keep working hard on my upper body. I really cannot lift too much with it, my back i can do a little over 30 usually. I feel pretty good but definitely cheated and had pizza and ice cream today. Haha! I weighed in a...
    by: jps2 on: 2017/04/24
  • Post-Workout Day 1

    I DID IT! Lol... I must admit, I almost punked out and let my mind get the best of me. I didn't though, and I did the full body home workout. It was better than I expected. I don't usually work my full body. I always just target the areas I want t...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/04/26
  • Pre-Workout Day 4

    I feel a little better today. I think I owe it to a new friend I made on here. It was nice to talk to someone else. I actually feel more motivated to workout. I mean, that 'not giving a crap' feeling is still there, but I'm just able to drown it o...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/05/02
  • Post-Workout Day 4

    Okay, so I doubled the weight I was using and it definitely was harder. Lol...I struggled a little bit but feel I got a better workout. I used to do yoga and have always heard emotions come up while doing it for some people. That women especially ...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/05/02
  • May 2nd 2017- First Workout

    -Not very hard, adding cardio afterwards (2 mins Jumping Rope, 2 mins of Jumping Jacks) -Pain in Lower back
    by: hmcgonigle on: 2017/05/02
  • So far I've been working out for a week

    Today marks the second week of my new workout!
    by: Velour-Vixen on: 2017/05/03
  • 5/2/2017

    Today was my first day back at the gym in about 6 months. The last time I worked on consistantly was before Christmas. Now that I am done with my finals and I'm on summer break I'm commiting myself to work out hard. My goal is to lose 15lbs and to...
    by: Maxwell10 on: 2017/05/03
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