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  • Starting Weight

    200 lbs.
    by: [Former member] on: 2016/02/29
  • lay front knicks

    i didi 20sets of front knicks today
    by: leane123 on: 2016/03/09
  • missed a day

    missed yesdid full body todayterday so
    by: TinaYoung on: 2016/03/16
  • exercise plan sorted - I think!!

    Haha! I don't sound too hopeful or confident! In all reality, I'm not feeling overly confident either! Well, I'll be here three days a week! I have deliberately scheduled in time for this! So I'm doing it!
    by: Kitty__16 on: 2016/03/31
  • Todays exercises done!

    Had a minor interruption from the family... and the dog wanted to join in. Made for an interesting time! Note to self - remove inquisitive German Shepherd from inside house BEFORE starting exercise, or risk him trying to sit on you in the middl...
    by: Kitty__16 on: 2016/04/04
  • What exercise does to your bones

    What exercise does to your bones Alex Ireland , Manchester Metropolitan University When we think of bones, a lifeless skeleton usually comes to mind, but our bones are a living organ that grows and changes shape throughout our life. Much of...
    by: FitnessArticles on: 2016/05/03
  • Committing myself - Hopefully!

    Well, guess if it's on-line. I'll have to stick to it. Took dog out for slow walk this morning, though not too far. He's too old and I have work to get to. This evening, I'll do an hour's aquafit at my local gym. I will need to invest in a ...
    by: RitaKellett1 on: 2016/05/09
  • ~3~

    ~Third Day~ June 18, 2016 10 Minutes Cardio 
    by: Velour.Vixen on: 2016/06/18
  • ~4~

    ~Fourth Day~ June 19, 2016 10 Minutes Cardio Full Body
    by: Velour.Vixen on: 2016/06/19
  • ~2~

    ~SECOND DAY~ June 17, 2016 10 Minutes Cardio Full Body
    by: Velour.Vixen on: 2016/06/17
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