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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • Project April #6

    I have made it through 2 weeks and 3 days of my 12 week exercise plan and I am STOKED! I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS!!! I have supreme hope for the future and hope that I will be the healthy person I have always wanted to be. :)
    by: QueenRose238 on: 2015/07/08
  • 2 miles a day.......

    Once I get off in the morning from driving all night long, I can only walk about 2 miles a day pushing 3 miles sometimes. Will it help?
    by: Toritiea on: 2015/07/09
  • 25

    My heart is going to explode
    by: zesz on: 2015/08/02
  • too much or too little

    I am a42 year od female and i just cannot see  exta pounds. Ido cariod weight lifti-5 days a week.  Very confusedabout how many caloriet eat and what diet regime is best or me.  Any ideas?  Should I do more cadio and less weighs?
    by: missy44 on: 2016/01/11
  • sick

    Well,a new week of aiming to complete my workouts after being sick last week and missing 2 days.Still tired but focused on achieving my goals
    by: bubblemagic on: 2016/01/11
  • To rest or not to rest

    Seems the hardest thing for me are rest days. I want to push the iron on rest days, knowing that rest is important. I do some cardio on these days, but have read that total rest is needed. I feel like a slug if I just sit idle. What to do, what to...
    by: Dlamar on: 2016/01/11
  • Your Everday Fitness

    Well, I am new to this website and highly impressed so far. I know how hard it can be to get motivated and work on improving yourself. So I am making this to help people and better myself. I was recently told that I may have diabetes, not somethin...
    by: victoria_mg on: 2015/07/16
  • Cardio

    I took my friend's dog with me for a 30 minute/1 mile walk today. It felt pretty good to be out and moving this morning.
    by: shannoncharity on: 2016/02/03
  • Primer día de práctica con la rutina del balón

    He realizado todos los ejercicios. Parece una rutina un poco larga. A ver si en los próximos días abreviamos.
    by: franjsantos on: 2015/09/14
  • The start

    Started training program today, feeling motivated to get back into shape. 81.5 kg We'll see how things go.
    by: sf3000 on: 2015/09/13
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