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  • 2/19/2015

    Breakfast: Strawberry, Banana, flaxseed smoothie Snack Sour cream and onion rice cakes (minis) Lunch 1 Chicken Breast 1 small/medium  spinach salad 3 boiled eggs
    by: SophistAKAted13 on: 2015/02/19
  • Best fat reduction system for Chinese feminine

    One particular fruit Consume vitamin-rich fresh fruit at the least a single, for a lot of many years preserved that they would obtain considerable skin effect. Two vegetables: Should eat two diverse selection of vegetables, don't eat a vegetable. ...
    by: donaldegibbs on: 2015/02/26
  • Drink vinegar to shed fat

    i started off slimming diet 2 about two months back and that i am really sceptical about pounds decline products and solutions, tried using some others that you can buy, couldn't inform a variance, this was incredible!!  I've been doing work o...
    by: donaldegibbs on: 2015/02/26
  • Hi

    Hi All! Just joined and can't wait to get stuck in to sharing some ideas and inspiration.  I have started following the Paleo diet and constantly looking for different recipes. Also have tried out a few of my own. Its amazing what you can do with...
    by: AnneAt on: 2015/06/29
  • Your Everday Fitness

    Well, I am new to this website and highly impressed so far. I know how hard it can be to get motivated and work on improving yourself. So I am making this to help people and better myself. I was recently told that I may have diabetes, not somethin...
    by: victoria_mg on: 2015/07/16
  • Day 1

    89.7 20min 380-3 Chicken leg noodles Crackers Fish, soup Grapes, OJ
    by: Lean100 on: 2015/07/28
  • Understanding your child's appetite is key to preventing obesity in later life

    Understanding your child's appetite is key to preventing obesity in later life Hayley Syrad , UCL If you want your toddler to be a healthy weight you might control portion sizes or the frequency of their meals and snacks. Of course, you cou...
    by: FitnessArticles on: 2015/12/18