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  • Losing weight

    Hi, I am 16 and want to lose weight. I have struggled with weight issues since second grade when I got sick. I HATE how I look and have very bad self - esteem issues because of it. I am 5'5 and now 195 as of yesterday. I don't look like it at all ...
    by: bvbgirl4ever16 on: 2018/08/11
  • First Day of Working Out

    Well, it’s always hard to get back into shape. Especially if you really don’t want to. My reason behind working out and getting fit is because my family, friends, and boyfriend all want me to stop gaining weight and to go back to how I was 3 years...
    by: WendolynG18 on: 2019/01/13
  • Day 1

    Okay Ronan Today is the first day of you growing up and becoming a much more productive person in every stretch. it is the 25th of July 2018 and you are home one day from Canada. You need to sort your life out and excercise is going to become a p...
    by: RonanCullen on: 2018/07/25
  • The beginning

    Overweight and uncomfortable. Getting tired all the time Eating to much
    by: robertpowell on: 2019/03/11
  • Newbie

    How can I start?
    by: AlyTaher on: 2018/11/26
  • First day

    so I saw the results one of my friends got from working out and I decided I really needed to crack down so I have my plate app and I'm on a 1501 calorie per day diet and this workout plan so let's hope for the best
    by: grayciealcott on: 2018/10/24
  • stress

    I am being evicted, I lost my best frriend and I have a job I love--that is coming to an end very soon. But I am still working out and trying to stay away from my sugar addiction. That's not going so well. I keep going, I keep doing. It's who I am...
    by: awheatl1 on: 2019/03/23
  • 1st day

    cardio.....1.5 miles, 40 minutes. weight: 311
    by: raywood on: 2019/03/12
  • Starting Gym

    Starting Gym from Tommorrow never been before Wish me luck
    by: TJ_Rasul on: 2019/07/14
  • Signed up

    Really looking forward into this program hoping this is the one that will help me all the way to reach my goal of losing 15kgs
    by: Mariam12 on: 2018/09/24
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