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Titan Training

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2004/04/06, 01:42 PM
I just started "Titan training" by leo costa jr.I have noticed that there are no scheduled bicep/tricep exercises on upper body base training days. Is this an oversight in my manual. Maybe someone with an older manual can clarify this. Tenorsaxman you seem to be the expert on this training methodology what do you think? Were your results good after the first cycle of doing titan training?(im looking for size wil this help?
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2004/04/08, 01:10 PM
Yo Thanos,

Let's get one thing straight... I'm the expert at playin' sax (and, well, maybe a few other things!)LOL. For all things fitness, though, I'll be learning until the day I die.

It looks like my Titan manual is similar to yours. Like your version, you hit bis and tris on volume training day and again on upper body muscle rounds. Remember, though, you're stressing your arms with many of the other compound exercises on base and volume days, so I think it's okay. You're certainly not neglecting arms. I recall my arms aching even on leg day! And not being able to bend at the elbow to shave my ugly mug on the days I actually worked arms! Overall muscle pumps were huge.

Whether using TT or any other program, don't fall into the trap of focusing on just your arms (or biceps). Work on improving your major lifts -- the compound free-weight lifts like squats, deads, BB overhead presses, bench presses, and even rows as Costa (and many others) suggest. When you show marked improvements in these compound lifts, you'll have increased your overall muscle mass. Bigger guns will be a happy side-effect.

Don't forget to get PLENTY of rest, eat clean, and be a total animal in the gym. Lift heard and heavy, and keep it under 55 minutes. You should notice a big improvement. I was very pleased with the results. I anticipate even better results than last time when I do my second cycle. But I learned valuable lessons about rest, nutrition, and intensity. If you can't commit 110% to all 3 for the next 12 weeks, don't start TT -- wait until you can be 110% focused and dedicated.

BTW, I do like Costa's program, but many of these rules are the rules that fitness experts and our colleagues here on FT have been preaching for many years. Costa has an interesting approach to the actual layout and format of the workouts, but, really, if you exercise HARD (and regularly), you practice clean nutritional habits, get plenty of rest, well, you're gonna show improvement regardless.

Good luck. Keep us posted on your results.