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This group aims to link people together to support each other and give motivation. Finding a partner to support you weather it is over email or gyming it can really increase your training. Good Luck everyone!

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Needing motivation from anyone

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2019/05/21, 10:14 AM
I have a knack of giving up when it gets tough.  If there is anyone willing to motivate me, be that shouting at me or sending me encouraging messages to keep me going then I would welcome that.  Been working for 5 years and starting to put on weight which I now want to loose.  I'm taking a crack at the Home workout to see how that goes.  Look forward to hearing from all you motivational people.  All friend requests accepted.
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2019/05/28, 10:16 AM
Hello Warren, Welcome!!  Hope you have been sticking with your home workout.  The greatest motivator can be results...just need to stick with what your doing and do a lot of reading and research.  Read what has worked for others and try to mix a little in with what your doing and see if it works for you.  Good luck with your progress.  Let us know how things progress.
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2019/06/14, 11:42 PM
Hi, Warren!
Commiting to any routine/workout you dread is tough.
Reevaluate your goals and exercise plan. Are you starting out with a tough workout after extended time off? If so maybe going slower and building back up. Find something you really enjoy doing. Don't be so hard on yourself 😉 if you really want it you'll get back to it! One step at a time. Good luck friend.