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Various general exercise related discussions. Find out what it takes to reach your fitness goals through daily effective exercise. With so many options we try to find out what works best.

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2018/09/01, 05:24 PM
I’m fairly new to the gym scene. I’ve been going for a few months, but I pretty much just do what I see others doing. I have lost weight, but I feel that’s more because of diet changes than working out. I’m always confused on how to start, the best routines to use and all that. I’d like to continue to lose weight but I’d like to also tone my body (lose the flab) and build some muscle as well. I get confused with how much weight I should be using, how many sets and reps. If anyone could offer me some advice as to any of this I would be greatful. I guess what I’d like to know do I start? Is there a program on here to use? How long should I should I use it? What weight should I start at and how often should I increase it. How many reps and sets and how often to increase them as well. Most of my friends have always been gym rats and when I ask them they overwhelm me with what they do.