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Fitness While Trying to Conceive

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2017/02/15, 07:18 PM
Hey all, I know this is a sensitive topic for a lot of ladies out there (myself included), but I was wondering if anyone has advice for health and fitness for women currently ttc.I know activity is good, but having had two miscarriages in a year, I automatically feel like shying away from challenging excercise because I don't want to accidentally over do it. Anyway my questions are as follows:

Are there any hard and fast rules for how often and how hard one should work out if ttc (such as max heart beat or cal. burned)?
Does the optimal levels of activity matter or change at different parts of a woman's cycle?
Are there any specific supplements (other than folic acid) that I should be taking or watching out for?
Are there any particular diets or foods to have or avoid (other than alcohol and caffine)?

Some more information--my blood work was done extensively, and I do not have a thyroid problem or anemia. The only thing that has not been tested is progesturone, because that could not be tested accurately after the fact. I have had one regular cycle, and am now edging back into working out now that I've fully recovered. I am very familiar with temping and tracking signs. I know I must sound a bit like a crazy person, but it helps me a lot to know that I have done everything in my power to make sure I have covered my bases--that way if ttc doesn't work out, it was completely out of my hands. 

Thanks in advanced!