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Best Home Gym Equipment

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2019/08/28, 12:53 PM
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to build my first home gym. I'm going for the works - horse mat for the floors, a couple of large fans, and a tv for the sports games. What I'm trying to figure out which pieces of equipment have the most versatility? I'm not wanting to go too crazy on budget, but money isn't exactly tight either. Just wanting to maximize space. 

Here's what I'm looking for: I'm trying to get a versatile rack, cardio equipment, and maybe some adjustable dumbbells (despite some issues I've had with adjustables in the past). I've been scanning FB Marketplace and CL for used plates.

The thing I need the most help with is deciding on the cardio equipment. I'm stuck between 2 things mainly, to get a treadmill or a bike?
I'm a big fan of bikes. This one seems pretty cool especially since it comes with free classes for a year. I would like it for HIIT workouts, but I'm concerned the versitility is limited on a bike. Maybe I lack imagination? I don't know. Any experience on this or something similar would be appreciated if you can share.
The staple of any gym's cardio equipment right? I like them well enough and the incline options definitely kick my butt in a hurry. I think that since it folds it should help with maximizing the space in the garage, but again, if I can only have one is it better to go for a treadmill or bike?
I'm wondering if anybody feels like a bulley system on a power rack would be worth the extra money. I know some people swear that with enough free weights you don't need much else, but I've always used pulleys in the gym so I'm wondering how they translate at home. Any experience?
Last but not least, I don't know that I can get the space for a full weight set which means either power blocks or some boflex adjustables or something. Will this be adequate enough? Or do I just need to find the room for free weights? 

Thanks in advance.
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2019/09/03, 09:53 AM
Hello c_e

I personally like the treadmill better.  I think it provides a better overall workout...but that's just me.  We recently got a Sole F63 off of CL with only 12 miles on it at a really killer price.  It's been great so far no issues.