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Belly fat

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United Kingdom
2018/04/16, 10:40 AM
Hi guy's I'm new to group. I'm 56 I go to gym twice a week I do body strength lighting. Whats the best cardo programme? to help me burn more belly and hip fat quickly???? Should I do 30mins a day or 60mins?
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2018/04/25, 09:42 AM
As mentioned many times on these forums, one can't spot reduce fat.  It would be nice, I'm sure most would love to be able to reduce excess weight in particular spots but can't be done.  Losing weight starts and ends in the Kitchen generally speaking.  Exercising will not assure you lose weight but can assist you reach a caloric defecit if needed. 

A healthy diet teamed up with exercising would be a good way to begin that weight loss.  How is your diet?  How many calories are you consuming per day ect.  These all come into play when losing weight.