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Group dedicated to men and women over the age of 40 that care about their health and want to take the fitness and nutrition down the right path.

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Approaching 40 and Beyond

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2012/04/01, 07:29 AM (Edited: george - 2012/04/08, 10:33 AM)

I'm interested in talking with people over 40 who are trying to lose weight, stay in shape and are dedicated to eating healthy.

I'm looking for your storeis.

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2012/04/04, 05:29 PM
I am just over 40, trying to lose weight, stay in shape and eat healthy.  I'm a single mom of a soon-to-be nine-year-old so, keeping up with him and maintaining a balanced diet are two important concerns.  Due to long work hours, I've gained weight that I need to shed... again.  Whatever my work situation, I try to cram in a walk during the day.  Right now, I'm counting steps for Walk With Walgreens.  I would love to also be working out (preferably with a trainer once a week) regularly but, all I'm managing at the moment are sporadic strength and weight exercises in addition to the walking.

I recently relocated from California back to my home area of the midwest where I, like many, was raised on beef.  I can no longer digest it well and actually have started getting a swelling rash every time I try to eat it.  I suspect hormones may have something to do with it.  I have hypothyroidism.  (For the uninitiated, it means I have to take a synthetic hormone replacement to balance).  So, beef is out of the diet entirely and I'm trying to move more towards vegetarianism all the time.  I tried gluten-free while still in California and honestly felt it made a great difference in how I felt.  I've had trouble keeping that up in the midwest as yet however---partly because of my current living situation, partly because of less immediate product availability.
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2012/04/08, 05:08 PM
i am 53 years old and have never attempted fittness training as i was fit or at least i thought i was.8 years ago i stopped smokeingand put on 40 all people i just presumed it would go .but it didnt and now i want to lose that 40 pound to start with.i walk to work every morning and home every night.i am from england and have that british mentality of being lazy when it comes to friends i want your help,and encouragement ..
good luck barbie heres looking at you kid
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2012/04/10, 01:11 PM
I'm 55 - started working out nearly 13 years ago.  Over the time my intensity has varied due to work and life issues, but working out is a part of my life.  I try for 5 times a week, usually do 4.  Way back when I was 196 lbs.  I dropped to 185 in 3 months which was a net decrease, I achieved noticable muscle gains.  Since then I've kept at it, but age, travel with work and all have posed problems. 

This past January, a routine medical exam identified high trending cholesteral, highish triglycerides, no inflamation.  My weight was a trip 196 (again).  While waiting for further evaluation of my cholesteral (the doctor wanted to start immediate medication), I've cut out the booze and done HIT training 2-3 times a week in addition to my regular cardio and resistence training.  So far I've lost a  net 10 pounds - getting some good definition, 2 inches off my waist.  Oddly, I still have a BMI that puts me into the overweight category.  Oh those test results - I have no indication of any ill effects of my cholesterol levels - no plaque build up or circulation issues at all.  I'm staying off the statins - for now.  Scott