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Staying Ahead of the Game

Posted on: 2012/01/05, 12:17 PM by: Ravenbeauty
Most people who suffer with health issues or are in need of some type of treatments always seem to put their health and fitness on hold during that time which is most crucial to keep them up to par. In the next few coming months, I have some serious treatments and a couple of surgeries that I am going to need as a result of hereditary issues that I am having to deal with. So instead of waiting until all that is over, I am deciding to do a strengthening plan to put my body in better condition for when the time comes, I can be stronger, healthier and therefore have a better recovery from them.

Starting next week I will start my program and will FLog it on here for others to be motivated and hopefully help those out struggling with health issues as well. During this time, I will also speak more on my conditions so they can help others as well. For the time being, let me just state something very, VERY important. in 1998 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage III (on both the paternal and maternal side) in which I was in chemo/radiation therapy for a little over a year and beat it. I was in remition for the last 13 years until recently when I had started feeling the symptoms as I had before and went in to find out that it is back along with tons of fybroid tumors residing in my uterus. As a result, I will have to have a radical hysterectomy along with more chemo treatments to go over in the next few months.

I myself know that I have beat this before and I can beat it again. One of the greatest things my doctor told me just last week, was that because of how well I took care of myself, it has played a vital role in where I am right now and increased my chances of overcoming this. I know there are many stages of cancers and how they affect the body, but I want to encourage you, implore you, that just because the tunnel might seem dark, there is that light at the end of it and mind over matter, and the will to live can get you through situations you'd never thought you could endure. Keep going strong, keep living, keep loving....



  • george george 2012/01/05
    Excellent post and advice.. thank you for sharing.