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Finishing up the week(last bodypart)

Posted on: 2003/09/30, 01:09 PM by: bb1fit
Well, today all I had left to do was triceps for the week. So, I had my breakfast and went in and really hit them. This is what I did...


I did power rack extensions, that is using the power rack with the spotters just lower than the bench for a spot at failure, and to use for a rest/pause if I feel like it. Warmed up with 2 sets of 15 with the 50 lb. olympic bar. Then sets as follows..
4x10, 70,80,90,90(last 2 sets I got 8 and 7 respectively with 2 rest/pauses each also.
Straight bar pressdowns(good form, no cheating, knuckles facing floor on completed rep for max stretch)
3x10, 130,150,160(last set only 6) *tri's getting really pumped now.
Seated hammer bar extension...1x6, 70
Decline close grip benches(one of my favorites, go for power here.)
3x6, 170,185,190 (4 on last set only)
Cable kickbacks....3x12, 40,50,50
Reverse grip pressdowns....3x10...100,110,120 (7 on last set) Tri's trashed, massive blood pump today! They were fat! LOL...

Again made my post workout drink less than normal due to only doing one bodypart. Great tri day! I think tomorrow is a total rest day, then hit legs.


  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2003/10/01
    So ti is a skull crusher but with a greater ROM
  • bb1fit bb1fit 2003/09/30
    No, I use the power rack so I can get a good stretch, and a good rest/pause if I feel like doing them. I bring the bar well behind my head for a good stretch of the muscle, then contract that stretch on the way up. I think going just to the forehead cuts out some of the movement, thought it does have its place.
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2003/09/30
    I did power rack extensions......are you talking about Skull crushers?
  • bb1fit bb1fit 2003/09/30
    One note, on the decline close grip benches I do not count the bar weight, those are strictly plate weights.