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Do low carb energy drinks help or hurt?

Posted on: 2012/02/06, 07:37 AM by: crushedgoddess
At the ripe old age of 31, I have looked around and realized that I have obtained several unhealthy vices. On top of being overweight, I am a pack and half a day smoker. So, I decided that, if I am going to change to a healthier lifestyle, I am going to go all out. I am currently working the patch and a lot of gum. But here's the deal, I associate coffee with a cigarette. I cannot drink coffee right now because it make the cravings worse. But, I am not the kind of person who can jump out of bed ready to go. Unfortunatly, I need some go-go juice. So now, I have substituted the energy drinks I usually have later in the day as my coffee. Now, I know, I hve really only traded one vice for another but I am thinking one really bad vice traded for a not so bad vice has got to be better for me, right? The one I prefer has no calories and no sugar. But, they do have a ton of other stuff I can't pronounce. So what is the deal? Do these energy drinks help, hinder, or don't matter when it comes to weight loss?


  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/02/12
    Thank you for the suggestion will definitly look into it, although I have to be honest, I will really miss my Monsters :)
  • kolhy kolhy 2012/02/12
    You may consider making your own breakfast shake? With the right ingredients this will perk you right up like coffee. I make one in my blender with soy milk, nuts, spinach, kale, pomegrant powder, cocao nibs, blueberries, blackberries, banana, wheat germ, matcha tea powder and anything else I can find! Or you can guy a Greens + or Vega shake :) I'll attest to their "perk up" factor. You may still not be able to read the ingredients...but google them! Both are pretty wholesome.
  • george george 2012/02/06
    Energy drinks are usually not good for you, they usually contain too many stimulants that leave yu jittery and almost always with a bad crash that come with headaches. Energy drinks don't really help you burn fat directly, they just give you that extra boost so you work / train harder so you expend more calories indirectly. Now, that's not to say you should use them - if you can deal with the stimulant factor, and do not rely on them they can be useful. Keep in mind also that your body will get used to stimulants, so the effectiveness will drop. Try to cycle on and off.