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Chest and Biceps

Posted on: 2003/12/22, 08:01 AM by: 7707mutt
Well have you ever had a workout that you should have just stayed home on? I went and did chest and biceps. I should have stayed home. I have gout and last week it flared up this time in my right foot. SO I could barely walk. I went anyway, also I have had a sinus infection that is pretty bad. Ok here is what I did:
Bench press 185x10 205x10 25x6 235x4(wanted 8 for each for the last sets).
Incline 165x10 185x6
Flies incline 40x10 45x10 50x10 55x10
Machine 110x10 120x10 130x10
BBcurls 85x10 95x10 105x6
Preacher DB curls 20x10 25x10 30x10
ALTDB curls 35x10 40x10 45x10
Hammer curls/incline DB curls
H-40x10 H-45x10 H-50x8/25x10 30x10

Highlights: I got thru it
Lowlights: I had many but it still all in all felt good.


  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2003/12/23
    Thanks BB1! I feel like crap but not bad enough not to be doing things (that is how I get sick, my wife hates it). I plan on doing the rest of my workout this week. Anyway have a great holiday!
  • bb1fit bb1fit 2003/12/22
    Let me add my holiday wishes too Mutt, and little Muttster! Hope you get all you wanted and then some. Keep trucking with the workouts, you are doing great with being sick and all. Hard core baby!
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2003/12/22
    Yo! Charlie! Thanks I took off a ton of time in dec it seems but I am still trucking. Damm gout stumped me again just as I was ready to start cardio. Oh well it seems to be clearing up....Have a great holiday as well to you and yours!!
  • [Former member] 2003/12/22
    Good to see you posting workouts again. Hope you ,the misses and lil mutt have a wonderful Christmas.