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Back and Biceps

Posted on: 2003/12/05, 08:00 AM by: 7707mutt
Well this workout while a good one had some problems. I tried for a new max on deadlifts and did not get it.
Deadlifts 225x10 315x6 500--after three tries i did not get it.
Chins 3sets last set was using only 80lbs of help.
Bent rows 135x10 185x10 205x10
close grip pulldowns 150x10 160x10 170x10

BBcurls 85x10 95x10 105x8 115x6
Preacher concentration curls 20x10 25x10 30x10
DB alt curls 35x10 40x10 45x10
hammer 50x10 45x8

Highlights: chins are moving along nicely. My back and biceps are showing more definiton.
Lowlights: I HATE not getting a max lift. It makes me feel so depressed. The good news is that this is the same thing that happened when i tried 405. 3weeks later I not only hit 405 but also 425...so we will see..


  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2003/12/08
    Thanks Rev! I know it will come...a little disappointed it did not happen that night. Anyway good to hear from ya again! SIDE NOTE: We are still working on our floors....almost doen but I will not get back to the gym till later thsi week!
  • rev8ball rev8ball 2003/12/06
    (As I'm just getting back into reading journals) - Great job, Mutt, those DL numbers are really looking great! The 500 will come soon enough....
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2003/12/05
    Thanks guys! I will get it!!!
  • fryer91 fryer91 2003/12/05
    When I visualized myself attempting it; the plates didn't budge off the floor...I hope to be part of the 400 club someday...Baby steps so to speak...Mutt, you know you have the frame, the strength, and the focus..You will get it! When you talk weights like that; so many things factor into lifting it...Rest, fuel, distractions, etc etc etc...You will get it!
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2003/12/05
    LOL that was funny! actually on each attempt(i made 3 tries) I lifted it higher....I need to go back hit 405x5 425x5 and then hit 450x5 and then I think i will be able to make 500.
  • fryer91 fryer91 2003/12/05
    Ok muttanator; I am visualizing 500 pounds; we have 5 plates on each side, a 2/12 on each side. I get set up, attempting the lift, and; how the he!! did those two pop out of the sack!!! 315.....425.....Mutt, you will get 500, maybe not today, but you will get it....Keep pushing on bro!
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2003/12/05
    Thanks but i really really wanted tht 500. I have gotten 425 in july so I will make 500 soon!
  • [Former member] 2003/12/05
    315 aint too shabby big guy. Way to go