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8/10 back/shoulders/biceps

Posted on: 2004/01/06, 01:35 PM by: I_Am-aZon
Not too bad a night. Seem to have lost a little strength perhaps due to Holiday overeating. Intend to change that and seriously get to work. Motivation is back!
Deadlifts: 11x125, 10x125, 9x125, 6x125
Bent over DB Rows: 10x30, 10x30, 10x30
Machine Assisted Chins: 9x85, 8x75, 7x75
Seated DB Presses: 8x18, 10x18, 9x18, 7x18
Standing Lat Raises: 10x12, 11x12, 10x12, 9x12
Concentration Curls: 6x18, 6x18, 4x18 (loosing steam)
Standing 2 Handed Cable Curls: 10x40, 10x40, 6x50, 6x50


  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2004/01/08
    I just looked that over it is 5 sets either drop the 115 set or the 120 set if you need to
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2004/01/08
    Here try this for DL-85x12(warm up) 115x10, 120x10 125x10 130x8-10 135x10 if you need to lower the 130 set to 8 and really try that 135. Please just make sure you use good form no shame in dropping the weight Ihave many times, but give it a shot!
  • I_Am-aZon I_Am-aZon 2004/01/09
    I'll try the 135lb Monday - thanks Scott. And in regards to form - maybe less weight; NP for me there, proper form I am tru;yly anal about I try also to keep the reps and nice and slow to get that lovely burn... :)
  • I_Am-aZon I_Am-aZon 2004/01/07
    Damnnnn - Mutt, now that you challeneged me, I think I am going to have to just DO IT!!!! Oh yessiree - 135lb will be my goal next DL day - I am just going to have to get help putting that damn BB back in the rack - or maybe I will just use the cage if it's not too busy.
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2004/01/06