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  • The beginning

    Well, saying goes, "Alls well that ends well", but so does, a motivated beginning leads to a motivated result oriented end.
    by: Puja00 on: 2014/10/15
  • Starting Over Again

    I only had eight intermediate circuit training sessions for October. The last was on the 16th. A quite long break... I just added the advanced circuit training on my calendar. And, wow! Only the abdominal workouts have a resting period between ...
    by: kenmarvi on: 2014/10/29
  • its only the begining

    just hit P90X ab RIPPER hard! ew ah oh yay ew ah feels good!
    by: bradenderrick on: 2015/03/02
  • Life Changes!!

    I went through so many changes last year. My Husband left me, i dont know if it was becuase of weight or not but i feel that was the reason in my  humble opinnion. Right after he left from just depression alone i lost 40lbs, and i was super happy ...
    by: Brystensmom on: 2015/04/04
  • Captain's Flog Stardate 61215

    Still working. Feeling tired after yesterday's moving experiences.  Thought I'd start off with a Freya's Friday of rest to really get going.  Wooh!
    by: flubmuffin on: 2015/06/12

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