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  • And so it starts...

    So for the last few months or so after a rather hard period; which started with the loss of my mother; I have just been sitting on my backside complaining about getting more and more unfit.  So last night I had a moment of clarity...I have to do s...
    by: Chorkzseb on: 2018/05/09
  • Hola mis amigos

    Hola. New here. First time trying this site. I'm kinda nervous because the workout I've chosen is a lot. And I'm coming from a different type of lifestyle. I've been pretty active with a previous job. Like constantly moving and such, but I've...
    by: Chapina716923 on: 2017/06/05
  • Hey y'all

    Well hi :-) i'm ky and I'm new here  My main goal is to lose a little bit more fat and start to tone my body  I work out 7 days a week on top of being a swim instructor  I love having people to motivate me and support me and I will do the same ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/07/20
  • Cheating already

    Been skimping out on workouts these last couple days because I've had a really bad stomach bug but let's see what tomorrow brings..
    by: Sarahjeanbaby92 on: 2017/12/12