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  • Why can't I push myself more?

    Now that I'm retired, I should be able to fit in lots of activities every day.  Problem is, what to do?  We spend a few weeks at Hilton Head a few times a year, and when I'm there I do great.  Gym every other day, swimming, walking, bike riding......
    by: zoomjet on: 2015/10/22
  • Back Again

    Ugh... I haven't been on in yonks.  What is this? I promised myself that I would start being more on task and taking control of my fitness and everything. But (though it might not be much of an excuse) I had a ridiculous amount of school work. I...
    by: stayhappythere on: 2015/10/21
  • School

    Its so hard for me to lose weight. I rarely have time to workout. If Im not at school Im at work. I also have homework from every teacher due everyday. I dont want to give up on my diet and exercise. But it seems to be in the way. College never gi...
    by: JennRandom on: 2015/09/30