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  • The Beginning (AKA, the bad years)

    So heres the thing, growing up, it was rough. To start, in middle school, we recently moved (again) and my mom had been struggling with a lot of junk...and she kinda took it out of what junk I had in my trunk. I remember being in 5th grade, bra...
    by: jlsampler11 on: 2015/04/20
  • First Day

    I have been wanting to lose weight for awhile now. My husband and i have been wanting to start a family and i havent been successful in conceiving and i know that my weight is a big factor. according to bmi and what not i need to lose at least 100...
    by: cheryljim on: 2015/05/13
  • I am a professional starter

    I've barely finished anything in my life. Or really achieved a goal. Or really gotten anywhere with hard work. I came upon this website and when I tried to make a profile, I realized I already had over nine years ago. I've done nothing but gain we...
    by: ogie764 on: 2015/07/30
  • Getting Back Up Again

    My health over the course of my life up until now, has been a rollercoaster. Time to get back on the horse and stay there for good! This is not about losing weight. It's about moving onto the next phase of my life. It's about time.
    by: viavee13 on: 2015/03/26
  • Why can't I push myself more?

    Now that I'm retired, I should be able to fit in lots of activities every day.  Problem is, what to do?  We spend a few weeks at Hilton Head a few times a year, and when I'm there I do great.  Gym every other day, swimming, walking, bike riding......
    by: zoomjet on: 2015/10/22
  • Back Again

    Ugh... I haven't been on in yonks.  What is this? I promised myself that I would start being more on task and taking control of my fitness and everything. But (though it might not be much of an excuse) I had a ridiculous amount of school work. I...
    by: stayhappythere on: 2015/10/21
  • School

    Its so hard for me to lose weight. I rarely have time to workout. If Im not at school Im at work. I also have homework from every teacher due everyday. I dont want to give up on my diet and exercise. But it seems to be in the way. College never gi...
    by: JennRandom on: 2015/09/30
  • enough is enough

    Trying to get into shape seems impossible atm with sleepless night of the little on waking and then toddler wanting attention all the time. Time to kick the bad habits of sitting down when i have five minutes and get of my ass and fight this belly.
    by: kirsty93 on: 2015/03/18