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why shoulder day before chest day ??

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Joined: 2016/04/11
2018/07/15, 10:02 AM
i notice in the avance training its giving me shoulder day before chest day is this right is it ok to do it this way
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United States
2018/07/16, 09:55 AM
Hello Jeff, how many days do you have selected for training?  What day's are they? What are your goals?  Typically I would think doing say for example shoulders on Monday and chest on Tuesday, Chest shouldn't suffer too bad if at all.  I know in the past I did a push/pull split but threw shoulders on with legs.  Some day's I would do Leg/Shoulder prior to Chest and I didn't have an issue.

Give it a try and if you think your chest is suffering due to fatigued shoulders, switch it up :)