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What difficulty to pick when starting gym program

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2018/05/28, 07:49 AM (Edited: Andyyy01 - 2018/05/28, 07:50 AM)
Hello all! I recently joined free trainers and i want to start their workout program for the gym but i do not know which level should i go for because i don’t want to go too hard on the first days then hit a plateau.

Keep in mind that i have done competitive sports (waterpolo) but i never have been to a gym. My overall fitness is somewhat in the middle (in a good form —strenght wise—,belly fat, muscles not defined etc.)
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2018/07/11, 03:48 PM
Hello Andy and welcome to FT.  If you have never been to the gym before I suggest a beginners workout that this site would suggest when putting together your training plan.  Don't necessarily try and lift as heavy as you can at the risk of sacraficing form.  Lift as heavy as you can while maintaining proper form.  Proper form will not only help reduce the risk of injury but will build the muscles you are focusing on.

Hitting a plateau shouldn't come too fast, as you are new and typically it takes a while to plateau.  For a beginner, I would suggest the basic compound lifts if you rather not build a workout from this site;

Barbell Bench (flat/incline)
Barbell Bent Over Row
Overhead press (dumbell/barbell)

In addition to the above, I would add some supplemental exercises if you so choose such as barbell/dumbell curls, skull crushers/close grip bench, calf raises, pull downs, maybe mix in a machine or two as well.  But I would focus on the 5 above which will build a nice foundation of muscle and add some secondary exercises that will complement them.

I've done the 3 day per week push/pull routine for years and that did show very good results as well. 

It all depends on your clean, lift consistantly and keep at it.  You will learn what works best for you and good luck!!